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Julius Caesar.

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Julius Caesar: English Coursework The play is set in 44BC. Julius Caesar has become the most powerful man in Rome and is seen as to be dangerous and too ambitious by some. These few people grouped together and plotted in secret to murder Caesar. Brutus, the leader of the conspirators, killed him because he saw him as too ambitious and it was,' for the good of Rome'. Cassius wanted to kill him because he was jealous of how powerful he was. After Caesar is killed Brutus makes a speech to the common people and try's to persuade them with logic that he was killed for the good of Rome. Brutus is seen as an orator, this is someone who is good at public speaking, and so the people will listen to him. On this occasion it takes him a few minutes to settle them down. He is standing on steps above the crowd and is looking down on them. He repeats himself as he waits for quiet,' Believe me...may believe. He knows he has a hard task ahead of him because the people loved him and he has just killed him. His opening line he says, 'Romans, countrymen and lovers (friends)'. ...read more.


This shows that he doesn't want to put himself above the people because it will be better for him if he does not. In his speech he uses sarcasm to discredit what Brutus said. He does this by saying, 'And Brutus is an honorable man'. By repeating that he shows that Brutus and the conspirators aren't honorable and that they killed him for personal gain. There is one line that demolishes what Brutus said and it is, 'I thrice presented hi with a kingly crown, and thrice he refused it. Was this ambition?' He uses 'ambition' because the people will remember it from Brutus' speech. He also mentions all the good Caesar did for Rome such as ransoming the prisoners of war back to the country they came from. When Anthony pauses it is for dramatic affect as he says, 'Bear with me, my heart is in the coffin with Caesar'. This is massive because there is a grown man who appears to be sobbing with his back to a crowd. We know these tears are fake but he does it for affect because he is a great actor. A lady towards the front of the crowd says, 'Poor soul, his eyes are as red as fire'. ...read more.


His reason is that 'they who have done this deed are honorable'. This leads him into another speech but this time solely about Brutus. It stirs the crowd up more and more as they feel they need to kill Brutus. As Anthony knows he is almost done he mentions the will again. 'You have forgot the will I told you of'. This he makes up as he goes along because he knows the will is not real. He makes the will into something he can actually do. He says to every man he has left 75 drachmas, also he has left them his private lands as recreation area for all the public. The public leaves to destroy the traitor's houses and everything else they can lay their hands on. This shows that Mark Anthony is a much better speaker than Brutus because he got them riled up and wanting to destroy the traitors. He also managed to sway them a lot faster than Brutus managed to. Although he had an easier task as he talked to their hearts and stirred up what they really thought and bought it into the open. Brutus did well to get them to believe that Rome didn't need a Caesar but the public did not understand this message very well. Anthony only spoke as the conspirators told him to and that was in he praise of Caesar. ...read more.

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