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Julius Caesar.

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I will never forget the ides of March that's when Caesar died it was a horrible day which I will never disregard. First let me introduce myself, my name is John I am a very wealthy man; I own a big piece of land. I wok as a stonemason that means I design mansions for the rich I get pied $111.000 for every house I design. My mother died 3 days after I was born my mum pasted away from cancer, we where not rich back than or we would have got the treatment which my mother needed and my father died 2 weeks after my mother died. My father did not have an illness he stabbed him self because of mum, he loved her dearly. I really did not like my father because my mother worked 13 hours a day even Theo she had cancer and all my father done was go out with his friend and watch live entertainment in the Capitol, he use to come home drunk and lipstick all over his face, I knew what was going on with my father. ...read more.


When I heard the news of Caesar death I was devastated I was sitting in my favourite chair in the front garden at the time when my friend came and told me about Brutus and the way he killed Caesar I started to smile not believing a word he sad eventually this smile turned in sadness. I suddenly remembered the rumours about Calpurnia's dream about Omens and lioness giving birth in streets that's when I started to believe. Julius Caesar was a great general, he respected everyone and everyone respected him. Julius Caesar conquered all of Italy, France, Britain, even Egypt. He had bought treasures and slaves from all over the world and made Rome the centre of the world. He had overthrown his fallow rival Pompeii and become dictator of the Empire. Caesar was very popular among the roman people. There was a community holiday on the feast to celebrate his victory over Pompeii. ...read more.


Caesar had cried for the poor people. When Mark Antony had offered Caesar the crown, to make him emperor, Caesar refused it three times. He then cried, and the people began to feel very sorry for Caesar. Mark Antony took out Caesar's will. He said he would not read it, because if the people heard it they would be very disappointed with Brutus and Cassius. Of course, the people shouted to hear the will. They said Mark Antony must read the will. The people became very annoyed. They started to call the conspirators traitors1 and villains. They shouted that they wanted to kill the conspirators. They had to revenge and to seek justice they wanted to slay the conspirators. Mark Antony had changed their mood completely. Mark Antony then read Caesar's will. Caesar had left money and parks to the people of Rome. The people became even angry. The crowd had become a mob. The funeral had become a riot. It was a time-consuming day my feet were killing so I want back home and took a long sleep. ...read more.

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