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Julius Caesar citizens.

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Julius Caesar citizens Introduction The citizens are like people with no minds of their own. They are easily swayed and gulliable. The citizens follow each other and do not act as individuals, which is why Shakespeare does not name them. Shakespeare referes to them as citizens one, two and three. The only citizen that stands out from the rest is the cobbler in Act 1 Sc 1. He uses puns to get his message across to Flavius and Marullus. Again, though, the citizen is not mentioned by his name, only his proffesion. The citizens also supported Caesar all the time, untill after he was killed, when they supported the conspirators. ...read more.


Flavius and Marullus begin to get angry at the cobbler, but the cobbler directly answers soon after. Flavius and Marullus ask the cobbler why he is celebrating. The cobbler said that he wanted to get into more work, but he also has taken a holiday to see Caesar and rejoice in his triumph. Flavius and Marullus become very mad at the citizens because they have forgotten about Pompey. Marullus and Flavius argue with the citizens and then send the citizens home. Act 1 Sc 2 There is not a lot to talk about in this scene, but while Brutus and Cassius are having a conversation, Brutus mentions that he fears the people (citizens). ...read more.


After the speech the first citizen says that there is much reason in his speech. The second citizen says "Caesar has had great wrong." The third citizen replies that he thinks someone worse than Caesar will come into power. The fourth citizen said that Caesar certainly was not ambitious. One of the citizens mention that there is no nobler man in Rome than Antony. The other citizens agree. After Antony speaks again, the citizens wish to hear the will of Julius Caesar. Antony does not want to, but the citizens are demanding to hear the will. Antony asks the citizens to wait and makes another speech. After Antony's speech the citizens love caesar and want to avenge his death. The citizens now all hate Brutus. ...read more.

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