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July 2, 1942 - Diary enteries for a soldier fighting against the Japanese.

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July 2, 1942 Dear diary, Another bloody day! I can't wait to get home and take a long bath. News has it that the Japanese are slowly moving their way down 'ere. Just recently they took that island Guadalcanal. Hope to god they get caught up along the way. Our division isn't ready for an attack right now. The rain keeps hammerin' down and its muddy everywhere. I hope that everyone else is doing better. Geez I 'aven't heard from Jack in ages. I wonder what he's doing nowadays. God I miss dem days. These Japanese just don't give up. They tried to capture Port Moresby but we fought em off. The Japs will be here soon and then they'll see. We'll overcome their great numbers and send them back to Japan. We'll show everyone what these "choco" soldiers can do. That's what their calling us back home because everyone thinks will melt under the pressure of a real battle but I'm ready to fight and I will die fighting for England. Oh gawd I don't like our current situation, nothing has gone right from the beginning, our uniforms were the wrong color, and our equipment was limited. ...read more.


A few men were captured and most likely killed. I got a few. We're constantly being pushed back, and now they have an airbase at their disposal and now Port Moresby is coming under serious threat. There should be another battalion on their way from Port Moresby with fresh people but they're still days away. Hopefully we can hold out until then. A few wounded were carried to towns to be nursed by the fuzzy wuzzy angels. These guys are miracle workers. If it hadn't been for them, most of our platoon would have faced certain death. Why do they help us? I have no clue but we are most gracious to have them on our side. I'm so tired I can't feel my legs anymore. I just want to give up but then what good would that bring, to leave Janine like that with a baby all alone. I have to go on. It's been days since we've had food. I'm down to my last tin of biscuits and a small amount of water left. I never thought I'd say this but I've lost so much weight. ...read more.


When a few guys went to get a Japanese man who started sprinting, he turned around and killed a few other men when he had grenades strapped to himself. That BASTARD! I am looking forward to coming home soon. The war looks as if it's going to end soon and I can't wait to see my family's bright faces and my new son. Janine sent me a letter getting me up to date. He's healthy and beautiful. We've also pushed them back to Guna and Bona. They seemed very unwilling to let go of Kokoda but we've done it. We've retaken Kokoda. Things are looking up. We've replenished our ammunition and food here at Kokoda and are ready to go. Supposedly their General was drowned when we forced to back past the Kumusi River. Since the start of this campaign we've lost many good men, but they haven't died in vain. They died fighting for our nation and to me, their heroes. I have received a distinguished conduct medal for my calm state during the battles. Of our original platoon of about 37 soldiers, only 14 have returned and boy we'll have stories to tell when we get back. I understand that there will be a massive attack on Buna and Gona to force the Japs out of Papua New Guinea. I Hope it's successful. ...read more.

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