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Junior Revolt.

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Junior Revolt By Adam Burrell The year was 2062. As Tom stirred in his bed the sky was beginning to lighten to a dull pink. He silently rose from the bed and walked to the bathroom and looked lovingly at the old bath tub and power shower which he had found in the attic and restored to pristine condition. He loved the warm water flowing over and around his body and so kept these relics instead of using the conventional sonic showers. This had gained him the nickname with the intelligence agencies of the Kraken from ancient mythology. Tom gazed across the room at the old mirror. He was little over six feet tall with a copper coloured tan caused by the high temperatures and extreme heat which now swept Europe. He had light brown hair which was bleached slightly lighter than it's natural shade of chestnut. His eyes were almost grey with a faint hint of blue around the edge of the iris, which sparkled in the early morning sun. ...read more.


He looked down at the small button he held in his hand as if willing it to trigger itself, taking the deed away from him, but with a heaviness in his heart, he knew what he had to do. Slowly, Tom pushed the button. A slow, deep rumble emitted from the old house and the base of the tower. The six bells were nudged into a slow swing making them call out to any that could hear them carry on the still morning air. As Tom stood and watched he could have sworn the bells were talking to him: "You have a job to do, the first stage is complete." Mimicking the slow push of the button, the tower seemed to hang in the air, then slowly it fell towards the ground. It seemed to Tom as if this was happening in slow motion. The tower looked like it was being lowered on a string. Then, as Tom was forced back to reality, the bricks and mortar fell more rapidly, until they looked like a rushing flow of water, spilling and flowing over the old ...read more.


How they had not said, but Tom had already planned it, using the unexpected army all around him. Children. Caesar had his legions, Hitler had his army so why not him his own fighting force? The thought caused him to laugh out loud. With the laughter still ringing in his ears he jumped back into the car and drove off towards the town just over the horizon. That was the first destination; only him and his backup team knew the other meeting points. Even the Americans were in the dark, this was too important for one of the government moles to get hold of. Tom pulled into the turning circle of his old school, the asphalt ancient and cracked. The bricks of the outer building crumbled like biscuits. Tom climbed from the car and looked on in hatred. 2 The school buildings stood dark and menacing, the windows dark and mysterious. Tom heart filled with dread. He had attended the school until it had been closed down. The government had decided that practical labour was the way forward, not education. So the school had been transformed into an arms factory, supplying the forces with enough ammunition to wipe out most of the world's armies. ...read more.

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