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Junk yard bedroom

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´╗┐If there were any place that would seem like an unknown planet cowering away from the glares of others, it would have to be my room. But I didn?t see it like that: instead of seeing it like an ?unknown planet?, I took my room as a safe heaven of soothing sounds, cluttered junk and wonderful, aromatic smells. It was my personalised junkyard where all my chaotic belongings sprang to life like Jack-in-the-boxes, dangerously close to being pushed out of the window one-by-one. The most muddled up part of my room was my bedside table, which extended as long as a pirate?s plank up till my cupboard. ...read more.


My room may be the most messed up room with the water spattered on the tiled floor and the porcelain doll grinning, as happy as a chipmunk, but it had its fair share of wonderful, musky scents bumping into your nose like dodgem cars racing at top speed, as you entered. Each scent had a personality of its own ? from the inviting, fresh bed sheets grinning slyly, were Cheshire cats getting ready to pounce on their victims, and the faint, alluring fragrance of spicy apples lurking in the atmosphere. Each aroma tantalised me, and made the room feel more personalised; they almost gave the room a character of its own. ...read more.


The music, which always blared out from my room, was punk music much to the annoyance of my parents, and it added a more defiant, rebellious nature to my room full of jumbled junk. But I couldn?t and wouldn?t change my room for its untidiness and for all it was worth; it gave me a personality, and each of my possessions (even the scents) gave it a disordered feel, which I liked very much. Although I had outgrown some of the property I owned in the room, each and every piece of ?junk? was valuable to me. All this ?junk? made the room less aesthetically pleasing to others, but for me, all of it would always be priceless as gems my whole life. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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