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Just Another Day (creative writing)

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´╗┐So here it is another day, another misery; the thought of it sends a shiver down my spine. Why me? Why I am I targeted? I don?t think I could bear anymore of this. I take a deep breath before I start the sickening and horrendous race that is my life. The fear of torment, suffering and pain comes over me as I edge ever closer to this place. I know they?re there. They can smell my anxiety, as if it were a fresh batch of cakes out of the oven. I am constantly looking around every corner wearisome of the fact they were there. If I saw them my heart would pump out of my chest, the beats would be as loud as a marching band. My journey in around this place would not be as effortless as people may assume, I am relentlessly looking over my shoulder; the apprehension is never absent. ...read more.


Do they know anguish of which they inflict on me? I’m guessing not, as they would feel so awful; but they think of no one other than themselves, and don’t give a second thought to the individuals they have offended. I have to put on a valiant façade, as I cannot stomach the contemplation of telling a soul. I don’t want people making the assumption that I am a weak, pathetic and feeble character, who can’t defend themselves. I couldn’t face the mortification of people knowing my ordeal, the fact of people making the judgement that I need support in living my life. Simple day to day tasks that people take for granted are an epic exertion for me. I cannot wear a coat without the snide, hurtful and vulgar remarks. It hurts me. They don’t comprehend the fact that a human being who is equal, with the right to complete a daylight hour without feeling depressed to the point of exhaustion has feelings, and emotions. ...read more.


I attempt to disregard what has happened when I am in a different environment, but I just cannot; it never leaves my thoughts, it is as if it a disease. There have been many a night where I have cried myself to sleep, or I will not sleep for the dread of my dreams being anything like my daily battle. I have had nightmares which are identical to my ordeal each day. Even in my sleep they are there, enticing me, tormenting me. It is a form of torture. There have been days where I consider ending it all, I have been at the verge of the bridge, ready to soar like an eagle, but I couldn?t. The harsh and brutal reality is that, this is the hand life has dealt me. I maybe tormented for the rest of my life, or not. I tell you one thing this tribulation will be with me for a long long time. ...read more.

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