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Just another Morning

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Just another Morning The deep, mildly burnt scent of dry roast flavored Colombian coffee smoothly started to tickle the tip of my nose, causing a delicate twitch to run through my nostrils, just seconds before my silver plated digital swatch alarm sprung a deafening ringing tone through the house. As the luminous white sunlight that streamed through the light blue cotton curtains irritated my eyes, I slowly started to wipe away the tacky grit of my last nights sleep, followed by a deep yawn to start off the morning. Chucking my arm across the small oak cupboard that stood just by my bed, as if I were a thirsty elephant that threw its trunk into a river, I started to search for the red snooze button to stop the racket that was disturbing my gradual process of waking up. While stretching my hands and feet to the both ends of the small but cozy bed, little by little I managed to open my eyes after a few watery blinks. Sluggishly rolling out of my bed, untangling myself from my soft feather blanket, I pulled myself up on the bed, still sinking into the silk covered mattress. ...read more.


At last though, I had my food prepared in front of me, but no morning was perfect without a good old cup of the finest Colombian roast coffee. Getting off the chair again, I boiled some water in the kettle, and prepared as usual; 3 spoons of the best Colombian roast coffee and 2 spoons of brown sugar in a light green mug. Walking at snail's pace across the kitchen gripping my coffee in my right hand, I had to make sure the mug wouldn't slither out of my hands or spill from my unbalanced steps. Finally, I could sit on the wooden chair in front of my new, black, Italian designer kitchen table and just relax. As I stared at the ceiling in loneliness, a constant ticking of the old grandfather clock that stood in the living room, seemed to be the only presence in the house, as I finally managed to get started on the cornflakes. After a short while I was done with my quick breakfast, and felt recovered with a fresh load of energy in me ready to be exploited. Leaving the empty bowl and mug where it was to take care of it later, I walked towards the kitchen window, analyzing the people and cars that drove by before opening the window to let some fresh air in. ...read more.


He brushed his long hair back with a thin, white comb and his ferocious black eyes surveyed the street as he moved briskly to the passenger's door. Quickly chucking his suitcase to the back seats, he picked up his cell phone, and called my house. Picking up my singing mobile that was located on the oak cupboard by my bed, in a voice coated with oil, he politely asked me to come down, due to the heavy traffic conditions as I was at risk of not reaching the office in time. Walking down the stairs, I took a final look at my interior to ensure that everything was alright. Opening the front door, I noticed an audience of school boys outside starring at my stylish Lamborghini. Aware of this I unhurriedly locked the house and made my way to the car in a serious and professional manner, without emotion, pulling the right passenger door open and having a final moment of pride, as the spotlight from gazing school boys was on me. Rolling the window down, I light my last cigarette in the pack of Marlboro Lights and tried to focus on my meeting, as the roar of the engine, scared the children away, whilst my driver slowly set off down the street towards the highway. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Nils Kwarciak - Descriptive Piece ...read more.

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