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Just One Bullet!

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Just One Bullet! Everyone assembled at the bitter isolated base waiting, waiting anxiously for the deafening signal of unbearable battle, that could make them a prominent hero or just another failure. Jack and the rest of the army sat in their camouflaged overalls and stared intensely at the loyal colours of their flag as it waved at them vigorously in the freezing uncontrollable wind. Most sat deeply in thought and contemplation, reflecting on their battle strategies. Others just shivered greatly at the thought of the dreadful atrocious war, which was unavoidably going to take place. There was no going back. All they could do now is wait for the inevitable. This passionate battle would decide the fait of either team and the excruciatingly cold weather added to the dangers and troubles of the task in hand. Even the wolves were howling stridently as they retreated back to their dens subsequent to a harsh battering from the torrential rain. There was now merely five minutes before the clash between the two conflicting tribes, positioned on each side of the dense unforgiving wood. The Tribes would enter the wood at their own peril as this mysterious area was unknown to the approaching teams of men. It was just seen as another little obstacle in their way. Ruthless and merciless combat was impending ever closer when James, the proud audacious leader of Jack's army, stood up clutching his gun tightly, and stared around the room at the tired depressing faces sitting in front of him. ...read more.


Jack was becoming more nervous by the second, and his heavy breathing started to generate condensation on the front of his mask. Jack accompanied the leader, James, during the daunting and difficult terrain of the forest. Jack followed James like a helpless cub, pursuing its mother for protection against anything dangerous that might be lurking around the corner. James stopped abruptly almost causing a collision with him and Jack. He turned around sharply and stared fiercely into Jack's wide apprehensive eyes. He then raised his index finger and pressed it decisively against his firm dry lips, implying Jack to be quiet as something was in close proximity. They both crept silently towards the naked deciduous bushes. James pulled his gun gradually out of its small auburn pouch trying not to make a noise. He snatched the clip back carefully and pulled on the trigger. A little whimper was heard from the seemingly sinister undergrowth. Jack took a massive gulp. He froze in astonishment, as James peered curiously into the murky bushes. "Damn rabbit," James muttered angrily as he forcefully thrusted his weapon into his little pouch and stormed off from the scene of the savage shooting. Jack wiped the cold sweat of his brow with his quivering hand, relieved that it was just a rabbit and followed James closely through the dense mist. ...read more.


Jack had now thankfully come to the end of the merciless wood. Here there was a great clearing, and the bright intense colour of the sun dazzled Jack momentarily. Jack chafed his eyes leisurely, and tried to adjust his eyesight to come to terms with the new brightness. Jack had survived the most awful part of the strenuous journey, but now his expertise and capability would be put up to the test. He now had to assault the isolated deadly enemy cabin, situated in the middle of the vast clearing. Jack plucked up his courage and sprinted towards the cabin. The sheer adrenalin made him run increasingly faster than he ever had. Jack could almost touch victory with his leading hand before it was cruelly taken away from him, with one fatal bullet into his open chest. He fell to the ground powerless in distress and agony. His face was screaming with agony and he revolved around the floor in pain and torture. He clutched his chest in anguish and he knew the game was over. Back at James' team hut the rest of the army were slumped depressed and miserable in their padded comfortable seats. They were exchanging opinions on how they could have thrashed the opposition team. James and Jack were absent from the conversation and people started to be concerned about their location. They started to consider the most appalling of feasible occurrences when James and Jack walked in! "Great game of paint-balling lads." ...read more.

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