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'Keep me a secret'.

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'Keep me a secret' - Lucy Dunhill 10-1 Blurb 'What have I done? Please tell me, I have to know...' 'Keep me a secret' is the new novel by Lucy Dunhill. Morgan can't remember a thing about what happened last night. Just that it wasn't good. Morgan never really did have any friends. She couldn't even trust herself. She used to confide in herself, and lock herself away from the world but she always hurt someone, she couldn't bare it any longer... Original Writing As I lay there, the cold wailing wind blowing through my window, caressing and tangling my hair. I thought to myself about the past few weeks. ...read more.


''I'm so sorry. It's not my fault, I don't know what I'm doing, It's like I can't control anything I'm doing. One moment I'm asleep in my bed, the next I'm somewhere else. I'm completely oblivious.'' If only I had some idea of where I was or what I was doing, at least then I wouldn't have anymore restless nights, at least then I wouldn't have to worry... or would I worry even more? "Well, maybe if you hadn't starved me of excitement all my life I wouldn't have to repay you with such deeds." "What are you on about? Please tell me what I have done! I don't know who or what I've hurt but I know what I've done has hurt them" This is so traumatizing! ...read more.


I have no idea and no clues to what it might be. All I can do is go to sleep and hope that I will remember what has happened. But it will have to wait. It's 10 o'clock in the morning and I'm already late for school. Its first lesson and I can't concentrate on a single question. Mrs. Crouch won't stop glancing at me. I start muttering to myself without knowing. Blank faces sharply turn round and stare. Everything suddenly went quiet. An hour passed within a few minutes. Mrs. Crouch is still glancing at me as I leave. Finally I feel like I've escaped until I hear a sharp toned voice behind me. 'Morgan.' I just stood still. Thoughts were running through my head at full speed. I keep telling myself 'She can't know. It's not possible.' How could she know something that I don't know myself? ...read more.

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