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Keeping up Appearances

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1Keeping up Appearances Within the six sub-headings to choose from, in the book "STORIES FROM TWO CENTURIES" Which is a small book which is a compilation of short stories, I chose to base my piece of work on the sub-setting "Keeping up appearances". This has two tales in it, and as the book is titled, they are tales from two different centuries. Two heads of the same coin, "FRONT" (1990) by Jan Mark and "THE MAN WITH THE TWISTED LIP" (1892) by Arthur Conan Doyle. (The famous creator of Inspector Holmes) Both these short stories are on the subject of lies and deception, of masks and pretences... of Keeping up appearances. Although they are very close to the point of pretence, there is the differentiating fact of self enforced deceit, where the person hadn't chosen to be in the situation and there is self enforced deception, where it was the persons self decision to lie. In the story "FRONT" there consists of a character called Pat who is force to lie, in order for her to "exercise her right to ask a friend home for tea, like anyone else". ...read more.


It's true that you can only go so far with substandard equipment "You can only read as well as the book you read". One look at the once profound and commendable "Rockingham Crescent", Pat's "condemned" home, the secret was out. As I had briefly mentioned before, these two stories are so similar and yet so different. They both laired but Pat hadn't had any chose to her situation, whereas Neville St. Claire chose his own path. Pat was like any other girl, but she wasn't as lucky as them. She held the burden and misfortune of being deprived, deprived of all a girl wants and should have, deprived of the right at being normal and JUST a girl and not as the POOR GIRL. Because of this she was FORCED to lie. But NSC was contradictory, for he had had a well off life and an average job, but he was not contempt with the "arduous work at two pounds a week". It had all began when he was working as a reporter, and an article came to him about beggary. ...read more.


But why did he hide and conceal the fact? Well being a beggar wasn't the thing to be shouting on the roofs about, especially feeding on others good nature for own gain. There are other people out there who are real beggars and who are really poor like "The Coleman's". But NSC's biggest reason for concealing the whole sordid affair was due to his children. He was didn't want them to be "ashamed of their father", like Pat was of her mother. He was very passionate about the whole family matter. "It was not the wife, it was the children," groaned the prisoner. "God help me, I would not have them ashamed of their father. My God What an exposure..." "I would have endured imprisonment, aye, even execution, rather than have left my miserable secret as a family blot to my children" And so he kept the whole thing a secret bar him and the Lascar. Even his wife wasn't to know. He had to pretend to be something he was not because of his own decision... because of greed... because of pride... because he thought that it was best. 1 Hoang Ha Nguyen English 16 May 2002 ...read more.

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