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Key Elements: The story of an hour

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Col�n Rodriguez Mois�s A. ENGL 2010-01 596-18-6376 Prof: Sister Carol Key Elements: The story of an hour * Plot: Standard plot. A woman who receive the notice of her husband's death, and when she begins to felt freedom her husband appear again and she can't accept it and fall died. * Characterization: Few characters a. Mrs. Mallard or Louise: Mallard's wife. Was afflicted with hearth trouble. b. Josephine: Mrs.Mallard's sister. She was who told Mrs.Mallard the notice about her husband death. ...read more.


* Point of view: The opinion or purpose of the author is to create inside us a brainstorm, because he doesn't give a direct opinion of the story or situation. * Diction: It is simple to the reader understanding. The author used an appropriate language for the time the story develop the plot or the action. * Narrative techniques: He uses narration and dialogue. The author makes use of the irony and the suspense. ...read more.


I think this story mention a very important point in all marriages of all times. This point or situation is the oppression of men for women or the mistreat and violence in the marriage and the women rights. Like we all know this can't happened in any marriage because marriage means, bring, give and receive love, not to gave orders and violence. Certainly I don't expect the outcome or the end of the story and also I never thought that Mrs.Mallard would die in that way she does. In conclusion, my opinion about this short story teaches us the important values that should have every marriage in the society. ...read more.

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