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Kickboxer - Film Review

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As the clanking echo of metal surrounds the atmosphere of the open cylindrical mound of stone and mortar, I hear the primitive roar of the crowd, chanting, cheering, waiting for my next victim, like a lamb to the slaughter. Respiring with what seems like the weight of a million daggers hanging off my chest, I embark on what seems like the longest 10 metre walk of my life. My awkward fitting helmet, constantly altering my vision, my lance, gleaming like a sun-kissed ocean on the north, yet rugged like a mountain surface on the south, the solitary two companions I have. My unhurried saunter becomes a swift trot, the adrenaline slowly creeps through my skin, the sweat beads slowly creep across my forehead and the reverberation of tens of thousands of people slowly creeps into my ears. ...read more.


Am I a true gladiator? Or am I just a stepping stone for my adversary's career? The gateway is hoisted up, and in an instance, the spectators ascend to their feet, wanting their money's worth of a gladiators battle. Regardless of their feral behaviour, I have a sole intention, for my weapon to be covered in a thick red paint. I glance from corner to corner, and there he stands, my path to fame, my cash fee, my boosted reputation, he is my next victim, and he will be smited. I feel like god, I WILL kill what I have not created, and I will strike him down with the force of a chariot powered by one thousand pearl stallions. ...read more.


He leaps somewhat gazelle-like, aiming with meticulousness for my kidneys, however, to the normal gladiator, this would be a deathly situation, yet I AM GOD. With the response of an adrenalin-ridden cheetah, I evade his clubbing blow, only to penetrate his thin layer of skin, with the prompt reaction of my trusty lance, abruptly, he turns from a gladiator, to a blood fountain, emitting crimson from his carcass, the sound of halted breathing is his final, and his eyes glare over at the cerulean sky. The crowd scream, some squeal with fright, some yell with pleasure, yet I do not care for their noise, I have finished another career, he is my statistic, another notch on the post, for some, this would petrify them. Not for me though, for I AM GOD. ...read more.

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