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Killed by chips

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33 Somewhere Anywhere Cardiff CF33 123 The Editor Daily mail MGN LTD 1 Canada Square Canary Wharf London E14 SAP Tuesday 10th June 2008 Dear Editor, Re: 'Killed by Chips' Is Scott solely to blame for his death? Following your article I wish to share your shock at Scott's death. Although this is a sad case, I blame Scott himself and his parents. We need to learn from this case because it gets the message across to other parents and shows that if parents don't watch what their children eat then they can become obese and die like Scott. I applaud this article because it doesn't blame schools. ...read more.


Children in the UK are increasingly becoming obese: In recent years it had been found that 16.9% of boys and 16.8% of girls of girls aged between two and ten are currently obese; There are approximately 1.8 million overweight children and 700,000 obese children living in the U.K. 40-60% of children over the age of six spend less than the recommended minimum of one hour a day doing exercise, I think these stats are shocking and something should be done about it. I don't think fast food restaurants are to blame because it is up to people if they want to go to them and how often. ...read more.


Supermarkets are not to blame because they have labels on all foods showing how many calories each product contains, including fat and sugar. There are many ways in which these can be displayed including traffic lights system, meaning red for high fat content, amber for medium fat content and green for low fat content and how much of the percentage in the recommended daily allowance (RDA). Also supermarkets have lowered their prices for healthy food such as fruit and vegetables and left the fatty foods the same prices. I think that people need to change their attitudes and also their eating habits, People also need to do some sort of exercise especially obese people, otherwise more sad cases like Scott's will occur. I think that Scott is to blame along with his parents. Yours Faithfully ...read more.

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