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Kimino falls in love. They exchanged glances, he was strong, tall and handsome his hair was dark and lustrous, his eyes were blue and clear like crystal raindrops

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The sparkling deep blue sky was scattered, as the sunlight was glistening giving a genial glow like fire. The feeling of peace and serenity over took Kimiko. She could hear the cries of the birds in the narrowing distance and the sound of the calm, still sea rippling its waves to and fro. The sky was an authentic natural blue-marine shade. Kimiko was dreaming vividly. She could not make sense of her surroundings. The dream kept fluctuating instantaneously; she was blistering hot and restless. Kimiko then pictured herself gazing into her bathroom mirror and she could see herself staring back at her own reflection cautiously. She saw her eerie and mysterious looks when she was nineteen, tall, slim and stately. She had cinnamon-brown eyes and warm brown locks that cascaded down her rear in ravishing waves. Time had shifted swiftly but she remembered the day when everything had changed. Beginning at Shun Ku College in early September, Kimiko was a popular and bright girl. Everyone loved her. She was just an ordinary girl like everyone else. It happened when Kimiko was rushing across the hallway accidentally colliding into someone. And fell on top of him. They exchanged glances, he was strong, tall and handsome his hair was dark and lustrous, his eyes were blue and clear like crystal raindrops he had a beige natural coloured tan just like caf´┐Ż au lait and the glow of colour dusted in his slender cheeks. Kimiko became apologetic but he said, "No, its all-right, are you hurt?" Kimiko replied reassuringly. "I'm the one who should be asking you if you're hurt." He smiled at her. She helped him onto his feet she asked him curiously; "I haven't seen you around, what is your name?" He replied, "Yukio." She smiled sweetly and said, "My names Kimiko," then she walked off turning her head back to take a firm look at him... ...read more.


When they both entered the canteen his fingers gently brushed against hers, she liked the feeling of it but he quickly moved them away from her. Kimiko became uneasy. He stared at her hard then they went to sit down, Yukio sat opposite her, he looked down at his feet, Kimiko started to ask how he was and he replied back attentively that he had just caught up with exams that were happening next week, and he was tied up in his revision. Suddenly, Kimiko remembered the dreams that she had been having about him and she began to tell him.... "Lately I have been having some very strange dreams about random things like vampires." Kimiko looked closely at his face to see how his face expression would turn out but Yukio managed to give back an expressionless face. Kimiko steady carried on her conversation saying. "Well I don't know how to put this in words but I keep having dreams of this boy our age, and I seem to have completely fallen for him. I know it seems really stupid but I think he's a vampire. But he looks so much like you." Yukio's eyes widened, he looked shocked. His face expressions read either as what the hell was happening or he looked as if he thought she was going absolutely insane. All of a sudden without a word Yukio, left the canteen. He didn't even say anything. He left without a goodbye or if even telling Kimiko where he was going. Kimiko seemed very confused she steadily tried to run after him she secretly stalked him all the way to the back gates of the school. Kimiko kept a close eye on him making sure not to lose track of him. There they were standing; Yukio had come to a sudden halt. He was standing with his back to her, He suddenly said, "I knew you would follow me here." ...read more.


She finally decided she was going to find him. Kimiko stood outside his house, which she remembered that this was the house he was telling her about a while ago. Yukio's house stood their right in front of her it was a very big grand house with very large gates. Kimiko made her way opening the gates. She went towards the large wooden door she silently stood in front of the door and then she closed her eyes and prayed that he would be inside. She got her right arm and the placed her finger upon the doorbell. Then she pressed it twice then after a while for the third time. She could hear footsteps coming toward the door. She could hear someone unlocking it from the inside. The door flew open... "Yukio!" She screamed as soon as she saw his face she quickly wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. He brought his hands towards her waist and wrapped his arms snug around her waist bringing her more closer to him. They both looked up at one other, still encased in each other's arms. There he was staring at her deep crimson coloured eyes he reached his lips downwards where they met hers and then he quickly pulled away and she gave him caring smile at him. Yukio whispered softly down her ears, "I knew you would come back all you needed was time and I gave you it." Kimiko replied "I've left you. Which was the biggest mistake of my life? Now I want you and you." Yukio whispered into her ear, "When I was alone, I just looked at the spaces between my fingers and remembered that in those spaces. I could see my fingers locked with yours forever." As Yukio said this, a single tear ran down Kimiko's cheek, she looked to him for comfort, and all he held her more closely to him. And she said, "I love you, I love you, Yukio." ?? ?? ?? ?? English Coursework- Original writing Miss Gabrielle 1 By Samia Ahmed 11T/GA ...read more.

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