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King Duncan's murder marks the begging of Macbeth's downfall. Who can be held mostly responsible for this?

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GCSE COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT MACBETH King Duncan's murder marks the begging of Macbeth's downfall. Who can be held mostly responsible for this? * In the play the main characters are Macbeth, Lady Macbeth [Macbeths wife], Banquo [ Macbeths friend], King Duncan[The King of Scotland], Macduff[An important Thane] and the Witches [ 3 Witches] * The play was not really written for King James but it was played infront of him .The things which pleased him was what happened in the play because it was quite familiar to his life style. E.g. Malcom's gift of earldoms at the end of the play reflects King James Liberal giving of English titles of his Scottish supporters. * The characters who had a role in the kings death were the Witches, they played a major role as they told Macbeth he would become King. This would make Macbeth more eager to be King. Lady Macbeth played a big role as she persuaded Macbeth to kill King Duncan. Macbeth had a role as he was persuaded by the Witches and Lady Macbeth to kill the King. Lady Macbeth * Lady Macbeth did not represent a stereotypical women in Shakespearean times as she was a strong women, she was the opposite of a stereotypical women in those times. E.g. a stereotypical women would stay at home, be controlled by their husband, do all the house cleaning and not talk too much. ...read more.


They also told him he won't be defeated until Birnam wood comes to his castle. * The witches told Macbeth this in the first place to see how he reacts, witches were evil they get the bad side of people and just watch. Macbeth * Macbeth is quite a strong character at the start of the play and also has a good inside but as the play goes on he is influenced by a lot of people which makes him weak and a bad character. * Macbeth is introduced as a hero because he was a strong fighter and just had a good so he became thane of cawdar at the start of the play. * On his way back he from the battle met 3 witches. He seemed very interested in what they had to say. This was a very important part of the as it influenced Macbeth in the play. * Lady Macbeth also influences Macbeth throughout the play. At the start of the play she influenced Macbeth to kill King Duncan. Lady Macbeth was a strong but evil character, in a way Lady Macbeth tried to make Macbeth have the same Character as her. [So she wanted Macbeth to be strong, evil and more ambitious like herself] * Macbeth used his guards swords to kill King Duncan, then he killed the guards. ...read more.


* Macbeth also be held responsible for his own downfall as he sometimes got over confident about himself and being king. E.g. When the witches told him that he will never die of anyone born of a women, he had false hope. He was being too protective over his reign e.g. The witches told him Banquo's son [fleance] would become king so Macbeth tried to kill Banquo and Fleance and when he killed Banquo it led to more downfall as Banquo's ghost ruined Macbeth's Banquet. * The play ends like this, because what the witches have said in the play has happened. E.g. they said Macbeth becomes king, he will never die of anyone born of a women and Fleance will become king all these things happened. It shows a good normal person getting more than he had hoped for and then wanting more [Macbeth's becomes king but he never thought he would be and now he want's to stay king forever which is too much] In a way it shows someone going average to highest and then wanting to go higher but then coming down to the lowest [Death] The Witches are mostly to blame for the killing of King Duncan and Macbeth's downfall. If they were not involved in the first place Macbeth might of had a good successful life. Foyzur ...read more.

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