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King James Significance in Shakespeare's Macbeth

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´╗┐King James and his significance ________________ King James Born 19th June 1556 and was born to parents Henry Stuart and Mary Queen of Scots, the sister of the famed Queen Elizabeth of England. James became King of Scotland at the early age of 13 months, after his mum was executed by Queen Elizabeth for reason of treason but did not gain real power till later in his teen years. After the death of Queen Elizabeth in 1603 he was the rightful heir to the throne of England through his mother Mary being the daughter of Henry VIII, also being father to Elizabeth, King James also became the first Scottish king of England, William Shakespeare tried to represent him as King Duncan in his play Macbeth, he was also the first English King to unite the Scottish, English and Irish throne as one. Due to Queen Elizabeth?s England being at a stage where it was most prosperous it had ever been before, whether it being economically or military wise, and it was ...read more.


Several people, most notably Agnes Sampson, were convicted of using witchcraft to send storms against James's ship, as he had encountered some difficulties travelling back home. James became obsessed with the threat posed by witches and, inspired by his personal involvement, he later wrote the Daemonologie, a series of books which opposed the practice of witchcraft and which provided background material for Shakespeare?s Macbeth. \During the second opening of Parliament by King James on the 5th of November a plot was made to explode the Parliament by explosion of gunpowder barrels in the cellar of the Parliament the main perpetrator was Guy Fawkes, he was caught before he could light the fuse and was executed for committing the highest form of crime/sin treason against the King. A verse in Macbeth ?look like the innocent flower but be the serpent underneath? said by Lady Macbeth is an allusion of what happened. At that time of England the King was regarded as Gods chosen representative on Earth, he was the retainer of law and order, if the King was murdered the perfect world order would be destroyed and chaos would ensue. ...read more.


Shakespeare?s inclusion of Macbeth?s guilty conscience was a way in which he could both intrigue and compliment King James. Many connections in Macbeth can be compared to King James such as- The two-fold balls and treble sceptres are a reference to the double coronation of James, at Scone and Westminster, and this was supposed to pay homage to King James. The balls or globes were the royal insignia which King James bore in right of his double kingship of England and Scotland, and the three sceptres were those of his three kingdoms, England, Scotland and Ireland. Another obvious tribute to James is Malcolm's reference to the evil, which James believed he could cure by his touch, a power he had inherited from an ancestor. Macbeth also represents and shows a lot of Christian images throughout the play, and that King James passion was scripture. It is more so thought that Macbeth was mainly composed for the King purely on entertainment grounds and historical facts included into the play were for the Kings liking and approval. ...read more.

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