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Kiss the game goodbye

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Short story Safeer Zaman Year 11 Kiss the game goodbye Sally and john were planning a mission to steal the original painting of the 'Rambrat', which was painted by Rambrat. This painting was highly protected by laser beams and police guards. For many days they had studied the building very closely and knew which officers were on duty which days. So the day came, it was midnight, perfect time to execute the plan. They slowly watched the officer going back and forth, with they luck, they noticed a window that was slightly ajar. As they were on the roof, they had to go down to the 85th floor. As Sally and John went down, the officer nearly caught his eyes on a leg; he saw a foot on the top left hand corner of the window. Sally noticed this and shouted, 'move your foot', but it was to late, the officer pulled his foot, sally hesitated and did not know what to do. Then she saw the pavement, and quickly went down. Sally quickly went up to the floor, and ran away, but before she ran, she could hear a gun shot. She then said to herself, 'the game for him has finished', so she silently walked off. 'Sally' come here, shouted detective carter. 'I have a special assignment for you there is a very dangerous dealer called Kobe, he is going to steal the redraw face ...read more.


As sally woke up, she could she the castle. 'Holy smack a rony, is this your place', sally said 'Yes' As they entered the castle, Sally notices many paintings 'Are these your' Sally quoted in a mysterious manor 'Yes of course' 'How did you pay for them'? 'Visa perhaps' 'Blood' Sally with a grin on her face, said 'ok' Kobe showed sally to her room, and said you will be staying her until you would like to go home. The next morning, Kobe woke sally up, come on, we are going to train you to steal the diamond face. As sally was going to leave for a swim before the training, she was stopped by Kobe. 'What you doing' Sally said in a angry mood 'Where are you going'? 'For a swim' 'No', first the training then the swim 'Fine then'! So the training began, the first exercise was to manoeuvre strings, which were supposed to represent lasers that protected the face. Sally kept on failing and kept her anger at a minimum, but all of a sudden 'The hell with this' sally shouted out in an angry way 'Shut up' and do it 'Yes sir, what ever you say sir' in a mocking manor She finally got it right, and rubbed it in Kobe's face. 'Your ready to steal the face', tomorrow we will go ahead with the plan. ...read more.


As the building was closing Sally and Kobe was planning the plan. They once was an underground tunnel that was used by Queen Victoria to escape from the press and the public. This tunnel was which was not being used any more. They were planning to use that tunnel to get into the museum and steal the face. Because the tunnel was under a canal, they had to use a speedboat to get into the tunnel. After being under the canal, they used diving suits to enter the tunnel. As they entered the tunnel, they saw sunlight. Kobe said, 'are you ready, time to steal the face' So the plan went ahead, because the museum was closed and the face was guarded by lasers, only one person could get the mask and one person to tell the other person the direction so that he/she does not hit the laser, because if they hit the laser the alarm will go of and the police will be there in a matter of seconds. Sally was the one who had to go and manoeuvre her way pass the lasers and Kobe was to tell her how to manoeuvre them. Because they was a security guard out the room where the face is kept, they had to make sure that the guard did not see sally, and therefore sally movement and speed is vital. ...read more.

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