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kit bag

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HOW DO THE WRITERS USE THE OPENINGS OF THEIR SHORT STORIES TO DRAW THE READERS IN? In this coursework, I am going to explain how the writers use the opening of their stories to draw the readers in. Also I will indicate how tension is created in such a short story. The short stories I am going to work on are the following; The Red Room; Kitbag and Speckled Band. The Red Room is written by H.G. Wells. The title immediately attracts the reader's attention. It is suggestive but leaves unanswered questions. "What is the red room?" Is this room dangerous? The title arouses so much curiosity wanting us to read on and find answers to our questions. Red is a very strong colour and is normally related with blood, danger, warning, and above all, fear. The title also shows the setting of the story. It makes you wonder why the room is called the Red Room and if it is actually red. ...read more.


The mood in the Speckled Band is calm but there is a bit of tension. In the Speckled Band some of the words help to capture the mood like 'glancing', 'terrible' and 'tragic'. At the beginning you can't really tell what's going to happen. The Speckled Band is a traditional detective story because they're telling about past crimes. Red Room shows the main character is a male who is very confident that there is no such thing as ghosts. He is arrogant and refuses to listen to the warnings given by the old people. This is the first part in the story that starts to create suspense as the reader wants to find out what the man is willing to do to prove himself. He says that he will only start believing in ghosts if he meets a 'tangible one'. However, we don't get to find out his name and also find out he is vulnerable and isolated. The story is set in an old castle, where there is a room which is believed to be haunted by the old people living there. ...read more.


It tells the story slowly. People were entertained by stories which had plenty of detail and created atmosphere. Also people at that time used to believe in ghosts. It is written in the first person which makes it more effective. This is because it becomes more dramatic and personal. This is vital way to make you feel part of the story. The story uses gothic imagery on many occasions such as describing the house, 'old fashioned furniture...' In the Kit Bag, there is a frequent use of adjectives in the long sentences which makes you stop and think and also creates an image in your mind. This effectively builds more tension. The author uses gothic language to describe the weather such as 'howling' and 'roaring' which is personification. There is alliteration, 'dark December', which adds to the atmosphere with the sad, heavy 'd' sound Also there are similes used such as 'face like a young girls'. The Speckled Band contains long sentences and similes. Also, the weather conditions are similar to the weather conditions in the Kitbag. The menacing atmosphere is created by the weather in this short story. ?? ?? ?? ?? ENGLISH COURSEWORK YUSUF BASSER 11M ...read more.

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