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Knife crime

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Mr Gordon Prime minister Dear Mr. Brown, Shocked. I am always continuously shocked to hear more teenagers getting murdered because of knife crime. The reason why I am telling you this is because I believe that the juvenile delinquents are getting out of hand and I think someone should make a stop to it. I am a person who believes in justice, peace and discipline but if we introduce these three words to the citizens of the city of London, especially the youths, we may be able to have a decline to the amount of knife crime. As I read the newspaper every single day, I always see a knife crime article and it always involves youths. I think that in every decade the amount of knife crime increases and I also think that reason why it is increasing is because of youths are surrounded with bad influences. They maybe living in a society where they might get in to peer pressure and in certain times they might get forced into doing something they don't want to do. Although I reckon that knife crime usually starts with carrying a knife in the beginning and that starts the situation. ...read more.


This shows that these people who are selling weapons to adolescences don't even have licence to sell or they don't care about the teenagers' welfare. It must very difficult when somebody like your son or daughter has been stabbed; it's not fair on people that they have to suffer for the rest of their lives. In addition teenagers who have died wouldn't live throughout their life and they didn't get a chance to accomplish their plans in their future. The youths who commit a knife crime also ruin their life by living with guilt for the rest of their life and they would have to go to jail which will be big impact to their life. I am aware that teenagers carry knives because of peer pressure, self defence and to gain respect. This shows that the stab killers have something to fear from as they carry knives because of self defence, they could turn their fear to anger and they could take that anger to their victim. Disarray, discord and disorder are now taking place in the United Kingdom, in the 21st century, in youth lives'. ...read more.


same sort of situation and this is why I am intending to putting an end to knife crime once and for all. I have come to my conclusion and I will explain how knife could be eventually put into an end for once and for all. I will use my facts and information about knife crime to back up the knife crime hypothesise and I am willing to explain about why I had used that sort of information to back up my hypothesises. As you saw I have written against knife crime you may be thinking about the consequences of knife crimes end and that we live in harmony hopefully in the near future. I understand that you would not solve everything immediately and you need to think about expenses and tactics for the government to prevent knife crime. I believe that if you began preventing of what is happening now our children and their children would have not have to be the victim or either the suspect. I believe that you have the ability to stop knife crime but not just knife crime, everything else which is corrupt and this is the reason why you have been appointed to be prime minister. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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