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Know your Friends

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Know your Friends "So Ashley what are you doing tonight" said Benjamin. Ashley glanced round to see who it was. "Oh, hi Benjamin". He said rather unenthusiastically. "What's up with you then". "Nothing" said Ashley. Really he was hoping that it would be Marvin. "Do you want to come round to my house tonight" said Benjamin". "There's a programme on exclusive to the discovery channel". Ashley said "so what is it about then". Pretending to sound excited even though he wasn't one bit interested. "It's about reptiles and amphibians". Ashley didn't reply because he was too busy trying to look good in front of Marvin and his crew. "I'm going!" Said Benjamin in an angry but yet soft tone of voice. "Not that you're bothered anyway". Benjamin stormed out of the classroom to leave Ashley on his own. Ashley thought that as soon as Benjamin left the classroom that he would come straight back in. Ashley counted to ten and then quickly stepped outside to try and catch Benjamin up. ...read more.


He has been arrested a numerous amount of times for robbery, assault setting fires and he's even been caught with drugs before. When Benjamin first told me about his past I didn't believe it. Because Marvin seems a real nice guy and I thought Benjamin was a bit jealous that I think Marvin is cool and he isn't. But when I asked him myself he didn't deny a thing. He just came out with it like it was nothing. But I suppose this is a good thing because it shows that he is not afraid to tell anyone about his negatives in life and that he doesn't let his past hurt his feelings. He has moved on, started afresh, turned over a new leaf you could say. This is why I want to have him as one of my friends. Not that I don't like being around Benjamin. It is just that I want to do exciting things, I want have lots of friends, I want to be popular with the ladies and I think its about time I did something about it. ...read more.


As I got to the school I had just remembered one thing, that I hadn't told Benjamin. I stopped and started to panic about how he would take it and if he feels that I am sort of rejecting him. As I got closer to the my form room and I started to get more nervous it seemed like everyone was staring at saying things about. I was trying to calm myself down because I knew it wasn't really happening, but it was because my nerves were starting to get to me. I was trying to keep myself in a positive state but I just couldn't handle it. I made my way towards the toilets at this time because I was feeling a bit queasy. And before I got to a free toilet in time I had vomited all over my new jeans. At first I wasn't really bothered until I saw Marvin. The only thing that came into my mind was shame . "I thought this was going good day" he said to himself. "But now look what has just gone and happened". "Shit" Ashley said under his breath. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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