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Lady Macbeth’s Confession letter to Macbeth

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Lady Macbeth's Confession letter to Macbeth My Dearest Husband, I am very sorry to say that I cannot live with the murder on my mind. Whenever I am asleep I dream about his death and I dream that my hands are full of blood. I am afraid of dark and I sleep walk reliving the night King Duncan was murdered. ...read more.


All the rewards you got for winning the battles. Since you have met the witches you have changed a lot you don't even have time for your wife who you use to call the "my dearest partner in greatness". Why did you have to meet them witches because I think they are the one who ruined our sweet life. ...read more.


I looked so easy and made me think that I have got the best chance to get him killed and make you the king because I wanted you to be happy. Since he died my life gone so bad and miserable I think it's the guiltiness and I cannot live with it no more so I have decided that I am going to suicide. Imran Shami ...read more.

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