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Lady Macbeth’s Diary.

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Lady Macbeth's Diary September X11-Afternoon Dear Diary, Today I received a letter from my dearest partner of greatness Macbeth, telling of his experience with three weird sisters who had more in them than mortal knowledge. The weird sisters hailed him 'Thane of Cawdor.' They then went on and said 'Hail King that shalt be'! If one prediction was correct so can the other, Macbeth could rule Scotland one day with me by his side. My only fear is that in order to be King he must kill King Duncan. I'm worried Macbeth will be too full o' the milk of human kindness to kill the King. I will do everything in my power to persuade him to pursue my ambition. Later on a messenger arrived and bought me news that 'The King comes here tonight' and my dearest Macbeth will also be coming here too. With this news I began to plan the murder of King Duncan. In order to entail this murder I called upon evil sprits to make thick my blood for the impending murder. When I finally met with Macbeth I told him about My Plan for Duncan. ...read more.


As I returned downstairs both mine and Macbeths were red and covered with guilt. A knocking was coming from the south entry A little water clears us of this deed, I told him. Why was Macbeth so motionless and weak, he needed to get over killing Duncan quickly, or we may be suspected of the crime. Sunrise Dear Diary, My Macbeth nearly made us look guilty of the crime with his actions. Macduff and Lenox arrived this morning to collect the king. Macduff went to Duncan's room and found the dead king. He woke the whole castle to announce Duncan's death. I walked in to find out what was going on (even though I secretly knew). I was told of Duncan's murder and reacted shocked. Talk soon got around to whom had murdered the king. Noble Lenox suggested the chamberlains had murdered Duncan. Macbeth then said "I do repent me of my fury that did kill them". How could he be so stupid, he may as well own up to killing King Duncan. Anyone who thought about it may think (well they would be correct) ...read more.


My foolish Macbeth could have just ruined my plan with most admired disorder. Macbeth, my husband then turned to me and said 'you make me strange even to the disposition that I owe, when now I think you can behold such sights'. My blood went cold had Macbeth just given the game away. Rosse, one of the lords asked what sights I've seen. I couldn't handle it and ordered them to leave. The Lords must suspect something now all thanks to Macbeth. He had just put in peoples minds doubt that maybe we killed Duncan. This outburst has scared me but also for the first time made me feel guilty. I have killed a man who resembles my father in so many ways. Macbeth has changed, He has done something to Banquo, his best friend I wish not to know what. Any milk of human kindness he had disappeared when I made him Kill King Duncan. Macbeth will venture out tomorrow to meet with the weird sisters, he has gone to far to turn around and become a good man again. Macbeth will sacrifice everything else he was to get what he wants. He probably has already sacrificed Banquo's life, who's will be next is a sickening thought. ...read more.

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