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Lady Macbeth

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Stuart Hatch 4.1 Macbeth The world is changing everyday, sometimes for good, but most of the time for bad. Macbeth, the main character in "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare changed a lot in the play, also like the world today he turned bad. At the start of "Macbeth", Macbeth was a hero, however it wasn't long in till he soon became the villain. His dreams and fantasies of becoming King soon became real as he viciously kills King Duncan and becomes King. Although Macbeth did originally want to kill King Duncan he soon decided not to. When Lady Macbeth herd of him not wanting to, she mentally tortured Macbeth by doubting his manliness. The witches also assisted in this by telling him that he will one day become king. This eventually drove Macbeth to the killing of King Duncan. When we were first introduced to Macbeth, we discovered that he was very brave and heroic. This made us see him as a good man, who honours his King and Country. ...read more.


Macbeth is unsure how he will become king and he begins to think of killing him. However he has doubts about this: "First, as I am kinsman and his subject, Strong both against the deed; then as his host, Who should against his murderer shut the door Not bear the knife myself" Macbeth is thinking that he has no reason to kill him as he likes him and the king has not done anything wrong. Macbeth tells Lady Macbeth that he does not want to go ahead with the murder of the King. Lady Macbeth is surprised by this and persuades Macbeth to change his mind: "I have given suck, and know how tender 'tis to love the babe that milks me: I would, while it was smiling in my face, Have plucked my nipple from his boneless gums, And dash'd the brains out had I sworn as You have done to this." This shows that Lady Macbeth really desperately wants to become Queen and is alarmed at the fact that Macbeth her self is to blame although if Macbeth hadn't suggested killing King Duncan then Lady Macbeth may not of became power hungry. ...read more.


Macbeth is worried as he thinks that Macduff knows about the murder of King Duncan and he thinks that Macduff has told his family and friends and wants to kill them just in case. I think that Macbeth has become insane as Macbeth does not feel any remorse for all the people he has killed. I think that there are three main reasons why he has became insane which are his own ambition, Lady Macbeths persistence and the meeting with the witches. I feel sorry for Macbeth as he didn't really want to kill King Duncan the only reason that he had to kill him was his own ambition to become King. He also got pressurised by Lady Macbeth to kill King Duncan and I think he only killed the king because she was always on at him. Macbeth regretted killing Kill Duncan and became paranoid that everyone knew that he killed King Duncan. I don't feel that Macbeth deserved to get murdered as it was Lady Macbeth was the one that mainly drove him to killing King Duncan so I feel that she should have taken his place. ...read more.

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