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Lady Macbeth

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Lady Macbeth is often considered to be Shakespeare's most famous and evil female character. We see that she is much more ambitious and more ruthless than Macbeth throughout the play. Lady Macbeth is the one that convinces Macbeth that he must commit the murder so that he can become King of Scotland. Lady Macbeth seems to have a very complex personality. She seems to have a good side and an evil, a sort of split personality, though her evil side is much superior. She as well Macbeth feels guilt throughout the play. When Macbeth is first confronted with the situation to carry out the task of murdering King Duncan, he is very uncertain and begins to hesitate. He says that he's not afraid of the crime itself, but the consequences that inevitably follow, "If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well, It were done quickly. ...read more.


On the night it is announced that Duncan is coming she makes a desperate, frantic prayer which includes sentences like "Make thick my blood" suggests the congealment of that living liquid and She demands her milk be taken as she fears it is of the same "milk of human kindness" which she worries will destroy Macbeth. If Lady Macbeth was a true merciless killer, as some people claim. She would not need Macbeth, she would have committed the murder on Duncan herself, yet she does not do this, instead she accuses Macbeth of being a coward, here she is being hypocritical as she lacks the purpose she fears in herself. Later on in the play we see that Lady Macbeth had been into Duncan's chambers and set it up so that Macbeth could commit the murder. ...read more.


Her sensitivity ends up becoming her weakness and her downfall. In the end she just couldn't cope with the guilt of her violent crime. Eventually she kills herself which means in the beginning she was more uncertain about the murder than Macbeth. This is what Macbeth feared about the murder and was one of the many reasons why he didn't want to do it, before Lady Macbeth talked him in to it. In Shakespearian time's women were the last sort of people you would expect to be evil and commit crimes. Shakespeare uses lady Macbeth to describe the relation ship between gender and power, that it is mostly anything masculine is linked with violence and ambition and anything feminine isn't. Yet Lady Macbeth uses female methods to achieve power and have the ability to manipulate very effectively. The play implies that woman can be as violent, ambitious and as cruel as men. BY LUKE POLLIN. ...read more.

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