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Lady Macbeth:character study.

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Nick Baxter 3Mb Lady Macbeth:character study. This is a character study of Lady Macbeth. She is the wife of Macbeth who becomes king of Scotland by killing the king and driving his sons out of the country. We first see Lady Macbeth in act 1 scene 5. She is reading a letter from her husband telling her about how he had seen the witches on the moor and they had told him that he was going to be the thane of Cawdor, which had come true, they had also told him that he was going to be king of Scotland. She seems happy about the idea of being queen. She looks like quite a normal woman who is happy with what she has got at the moment and has no need to try to become anything more than that. However, she likes the idea of being queen and a plan begins to form in her head. ...read more.


He also has blood all over his hands as well. She shouts at him because he forgot to leave the daggers in the king's room next to the two guards who Lady Macbeth had got drunk so that they would wake up with blood all over their hands and the king dead in the next room. She seems to be able to control her husband if she tries hard enough. She then goes back into the kings room and covers the two guards in blood and dips their daggers in the blood as well. Then they go back into their room and wash the King's blood off their hands. Before Macbeth Killed Duncan, Lady Macbeth had said that she was not able to kill him because he looked too much like her father while he was asleep. We next see her in act 2 scene 3; this is the scene where Macduff and Lennox discover the King, they find him whilst they are walking around the castle. ...read more.


Next Macbeth starts shouting at the ghost and no one else can see the ghost so they start to act as if he might be mad or something like that. Again as she did in an earlier scene Lady Macbeth draws the attention away from her husband by saying that he has had a condition since he was a child. She saves him by doing this. We next see her in act 5 scene 1. She is asleep and she is sleepwalking and talking in her sleep. She is saying stuff like 'out, damned spot! Out I say' She is talking about the guilt she is suffering about killing the king. There is no real blood; it is the blood of the King that she is imagining on her hands. She is saying that the smell of the blood is so overpowering that all the perfumes of Arabia could not sweeten this little hand. We don't see Lady Macbeth again in the play, we only hear of her killing herself because of the guilt she is suffering over killing the King of Scotland. ...read more.

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