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Lady Macbeth Diary

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Lady Macbeth Diary Dear Diary, Today I have received a letter from my darling Husband Macbeth. It has told me of his day so far. He began his letter by saying how he had won the battle of Norway and how he personally killed the Brave Macdonald (the Norwegian leader). He then told me of his apparitions for him to become thane of Cawdor and also King of Scotland, he explained how the witches also spoke to Banquo and told him that he would not be king but that his children and descendants would be, Macbeth then said that when he asked the witches if they knew anymore that they disappeared into thin air. He says that in his letter he has been made thane of cawdor, and when he had to go and see Duncan for his announcement that Duncan said that his own son shall be king and not Macbeth or Banquo. ...read more.


I have also today since getting the letter from Macbeth asked for evil spirits to posses me and help with our murderous plans to kill the King. I have asked for the evil spirits to give me the strength of a man by unsexing me. Dear Diary, This is my second input today, Macbeth has come back and he has told me that that our King Duncan will visit for a banquet tonight. I told Macbeth that I think he is too weak to kill the king. I then welcomed into Macbeth and my home, I was courteous and very nice and I don't believe that he has suspected that Macbeth and I have plans to kill him. ...read more.


I think that as Macbeth was not sure about the killing of the king I could of done it myself but if it had not been for Duncan looking like my father. When Macbeth had killed Duncan, he brang the daggers to where I was waiting for him. I told him to put them back but he wouldn't as he was in a state of shock and I think he still is, so I had to take back the daggers to where the guards where and wipe the kings blood on them so that it would look like the guards had killed him. I then washed my hands and I am now on my way to bed. At last I am Queen. YES. ...read more.

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