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Lady Macbeth is behind the killing of Duncan

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Macbeth Essay "Lady Macbeth is the real driving force behind the killing of Duncan" Although it is quite evident that Macbeth is often the one looking for direction from a leader, I don't think that Lady Macbeth is completely at fault. It wouldn't be to far-fetched to say that the witches knew that Macbeth would cause maximum chaos in Scotland, all they did was suggest a possible future to him. I get the impression that Macbeth always had ambitions to be king, the most powerful person in Scotland, yet dismissed them to be loyal to Duncan. However, when the witches told him the prophecy, those aspirations were rekindled and he genuinely believed them. ...read more.


I would say that it is a fair statement because Macbeth wanted and believed he would be king after the witches told him, unlike Banquo who wanted to leave it to fate. Clearly, one of his deepest and darkest desires was to be king, because he acts on the prophecy, he tells Lady Macbeth, and then goes on to kill Duncan. I think Macbeth is an example of the terrible effects that ambition and guilt can have on a man who lacks strength of character. His lack of conviction and indecision is shown when he is hesitant and doubtful to kill Duncan. ...read more.


Although, some would say she only convinced Macbeth to commit the murder for her own benefit, I think she did it mainly for Macbeth. Even though, she would be treated with much greater respect, at the end of the day, Macbeth would be the big national figure; he would receive all the fame, the admiration and treated with the highest of regard. In conclusion, I would have to disagree with the statement because even though Lady Macbeth played a huge role in the murder of Duncan, Macbeth could always have stopped her and not committed the murder through sheer force of will-power, the point is that it was his decision to make and at any point he could have backed off and done the right thing. ?? ?? ?? ?? Vidit Doshi ...read more.

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