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Lady Macbeth is in every way efficient and discreet. Her mind was always on murder at the beginning of the play but she seemed to mellow down towards her demise.

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Lady Macbeth is in every way efficient and discreet. Her mind was always on murder at the beginning of the play but she seemed to mellow down towards her demise. Lady Macbeth enters the play for the first time whilst she is reading a letter from her husband, Lord Macbeth. In this scene Lady Macbeth lays the letter down to her heart. She points out the contradictions in her husbands mind and goes on to say that it must be accompanied by evil. Here Lady Macbeth expresses her ambition and support for her husband. Shortly afterward an attendant enters the room with news and reports to the queen of King Duncan's coming to the Macbeth household that very night. Lady Macbeth is very quick to jump to conclusions and for a split second foolishly thinks that the attendant is referring to her husband becoming King. She thinks that her secrets have been betrayed, but quickly and very smartly she covers it up. As the attendant leaves and she is alone, she goes on to say and reveals her inner thoughts and motives; " Come your spirits that tend on mortal thoughts , unsex me here and fill me from the crown to the toe topfull of direst cruelty". This shows Lady Macbeth to be very enthusiastic about her husband becoming King, straight away murder was in her mind. She then shows a willingness to receive evil spirits, she asks to be unsexed meaning that she wishes and wants all her feminine characteristics to be taken away from her. ...read more.


If she were really fiend like she would not have needed to drink to get Dutch courage because she would have relied on her own evil to continue with the act. If she was not fiend like at all she would not have been able to do so and therefore did need the drink because she is not fiendish. Despite this Lady Macbeth keeps strong and persuades Lord Macbeth to commit the murder. This turns around later because when situation gets tougher, Lady Macbeth is the one who cannot handle it, proving hat she were not the stronger of the two although she tries hard to portray that she is through her actions and words; " To alter favour ever is to fear" She is warning her husband to stay strong she is basically saying with a guilty face which is represented through favour will eventually reveal itself and being afraid will result in a guilty face. Immediately after the murder Lady Macbeth was calm in front of her husband and she gently mocked him as he grew afraid of getting caught as the murder was on his conscience. As she said; " A little water clears us of this deed" Lady Macbeth is referring to the blood stains on her hands she is saying that once they are they are not tied to the murder in anyway. She gets the blood from the murder off her hands but I am not so sure that she gets rid of the murder off her conscience. ...read more.


From my point of view I think that Lady Macbeth is not a fiendish queen. We can understand where Malcolm is coming from after he suffered at the hands of the Macbeth's, he lost friends as well as his King. We cannot define Lady Macbeth on the basis of Malcolm's comment alone this is just one person's point of view. We may all take pity on Lady Macbeth but we are no way condoning what she did. Lady Macbeth was an incomplete woman she wanted the best for her husband and herself. So badly that she was ready to commit murder. If she was as fiendish as Malcolm said she was. She would not have erased all the evil from herself before her death. Maybe because she was genuinely sorry and was not fiendish at all . The audience have a greater insight of Lady Macbeth character. There are points in the play where to an extent she is very fiend-like. She certainly has a great influence over her husband, some might say that she was indeed the cause of his downfall or she was the guise of Macbeth himself. There is a certain difficulty understanding where she is coming from, what she is inspired by. The fact that she wants to be a good wife or her desire to become a queen. Many people who have read or seen the play 'Macbeth' may think that Lady Macbeth is very fiendish but I think it is up to the individual to make their own assumptions on Lady Macbeth fiend-like qualities. Lady Macbeth Essay Sheila Abaniwo ~ Boothroyd Year 11 ...read more.

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