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Lady Macbeth's Diary

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Lady Macbeths Diary Dear Agnes, Oh, what a great series of events that have occurred in the past few weeks. My husband and I, we have done an unworthy deed, the death of our king and the blood is on our hands. My husband he scares me, he has not ridden the guilt form his system and feels the horrible deceit inside. I fear that he will unleash the truth from his system into the air, I have to share this with someone I trust you so I chose you; I hope you are not angry at what we have done because now it is done and cannot be changed. ...read more.


They told him of his fate and what would happen to them during the future, they told him of his destiny to be king and also Banqous children becoming king someday after Macbeth. To make his fate come true we had to the deed, would you have not done the same? I thrive for more as I feel our fates can go further than they already have, I wish for us to die king and queen of Scotland but I know this may not happen because of Banqous children. ...read more.


I'm wondering if we have to kill my husbands best friend Banquo so his children cannot take fate in their own hands become kings themselves, his son fleance may also have to be killed for Macbeth to stay as King of Scotland. Macbeth is losing control of his mind I don't know when he is himself these days, ever since he killed Duncan he seems like his changed and that he's cautious of everything that he does. Thank you for understanding what I have told you my dearest friend I hope we can meet again some time, Yours Faithfully, Lady Macbeth ...read more.

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