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Lady Macbeth's Diary

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Lady Macbeth's Diary Enter Lady Macbeth: She is nervous, her eyes are set on her fiddling thumbs.We can see ehr anxiety in her facial expression as she paces the stage. Lady Macbeth:Poisoned. Poisoned by my anxious hand.T'is was the ale in their blood that sleeps them now and fills my aching soul with fear. Dead they seem with eyelids closed and bodies still. Innosent with guilty hands. Hands which hath seen no blood nor eager weapon.Hands of betrayal now. Hands of anothers crime. : Lady Macbeth stands still and solumn, her eyes never fixing on the audience but at one spot in the centre of the stage. T'is was macbeth. ...read more.


: She whispers My husband daggers in hand.. : As if she can see him now What hands hath he? Hands stained of anothers wound. Mine eyes darn't look. The daggers of the two upstairs. : She bends her head back slightly and looks up at the ceiling as if the men are still up there. She is clearly quite disturbed. His eyes see nothing and his head, a head full of mixed confusion, confusion in his face and steps, steps to danger. I need to clear the path that lies for him, a path with light not seen. Blind. Walls that block his sight. No sight hath he. Be rid of the bloody blade and the colour of thy hands. ...read more.


: Lady Macbeth now stands up and starts to move down stage still cupping her hand together and still looking terribly anxious. Macbeth. Oh my strong Macbeth. What feminine body hath captured thee? What womanly thoughts dose thou think of now? Thou is't scared, scared of thy fate. : As if talking directly to him. Stand tall Macbeth and let thy masculinity take over thou thoughts again. Forget your state and get the to sleep. Closed eyes will release thy strain, and take thee away to another distant place where my Macbeth can rest. Get thee to bed my love and at the hour of eight shall we awake again. Forget this business. : Lady Macbeth stands silent for a second and thinks. She thenlifts her head and walks gracefully off the stage. Lights fade. ...read more.

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