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Lady Macbeth, the three witches and Macbeth

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GSCE coursework assignment - Macbeth The play was set in 1040 in Scotland; it deals with the issues in his life that is still relevant today in order to fulfil his emission. Macbeth starts out as a national hero and co leader of the Scottish army, he quickly gains popularity. Until one day he receives a prophecy, which turns him on an evil rampage. Where he sets off in a killing spree to try and become king. However he has doubts and maybe even some regrets about his choices. It seems to mess with hiss head for example after he killed Duncan he keeps seeing what he thinks is his ghost, is he sane? Other characters include Lady Macbeth, the three witches, Banquo, Duncan, Malcolm and Mac duff. ...read more.


if it had not been for lady Macbeth the murder of Duncan may not have went ahead as it was mainly her who put him up to it. She also went back for the daggers that he used to murder him so this stopped him getting caught, this shows that she doesn't want any harm to come to her husband and she clearly must love him. However what she had turned Macbeth into would be his down fall. She had turned him into something he had never wanted to become, a cold blooded murder. Back in Shakespearian people were very scared and believed fully in the supernatural. They would have heard stories of these sorts of things so when they heard of the three witches telling prophecies they would have been wary. ...read more.


If it had not been for them he would have never thought twice about killing him. The help of the witches soon led to many regrets "neither man nor woman can harm him" said the witches. The witches may have liked him all along; this is why they told him their predictions. Macbeth's character changes dramatically through the play, so also do peoples views of him. In the beginning he is introduced as a highly respected general, a hero! Soon becomes easily scared and persuaded into bad things. I think this show how the pursuit for power can destroy your life. Macbeth had a great position and lots of respect but it wasn't enough. He gave every thing he had to pursue being king and look here it got him, committed terrible deeds and the people just lost all respect for him. By Aaron Shaw ...read more.

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