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Lamb- barraster speach

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Your honour, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we are here today to decide the sentence of my client, Brother Michael Lamb, for the crime he committed. It has been a difficult and traumatic six weeks for the defendant. I hope that by the end of today's proceedings we will reach a just and satisfactory verdict. I'll start with the deceased, Owen Kane's, background. Owen had emotional problems- a lot to do with his parents, I presume- which resulted in him having bladder control issues. And what did his father do about this? Did he console him? Comfort him? Tell him everything would be ok? No. He beat him! A young boy of his age. What kind of father is that? This could lead to some very serious psychological damage. I'm sure that any parent in this room would know that children are not capable of controlling their bladders when they are very young. And the age that they get total control can vary. And abusing the child for this would make matters worse, wouldn't it? Imagine what his nerves would have been like. ...read more.


His mother died when he was only five years old. His father was devoted to him and his mother. He could be described as 'the perfect father' who bonded with his son through activities such as fishing. Because Michael had such good times with his father, he wanted to give Owen the same luxury, which he had never experienced, and fill that gap in his life. He joined the Brothers to serve God and to help the young troubled boys. He meant absolutely no harm. What caused him to leave the brothers? Certainly not loss of faith, but a total opposition to Brother Benedicts brutal and sadistic tactics towards the boys. What man would whip a boy of twelve years old for something he has proved he didn't do? And also enjoy doing it. He did this when there was graffiti on the wall saying "Bene dles OK." He took the 'OK' to be Owen Kane's initials, and therefore punished him. His method is to punish the innocent to terrorise the guilty. He believed that the more you beat a child, the more it shows your love. ...read more.


Maybe he didn't hear the messages we left, or just chose not to listen. There were nationwide appeals so Michaels choices were limited. For the safety of the child, there were no options. As I draw to a conclusion, I ask you this. What would you wish for your child? If you could imagine the situation. A short happy life with love and affection? Or a longer abusive unhappy life, spiralling downwards? I know what I'd choose. When you go home tonight you'll never have to think of this again. You've heard all of the evidence. Now it's over to you. I appeal to your sense of justice and compassion not to pass harsh judgement on him. Michael has suffered enough and has had a very difficult six weeks. I do not condone what he did, but I know his desire was to help this child. His mother will remember him as a difficult child. Benedict will be grateful that the chapter on Owen Kane is closed, but Michael Lamb will carry his actions and the memory of this child to his grave. This man needs peace, sensitive counselling and overall he needs time. I ask you to allow compassion and a sense of justice to influence your verdict. ...read more.

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