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Lamb to the slaughter And The speckled band

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Lamb to the slaughter And The speckled band The author of the lamb to the slaughter is Roald Dahl, and was published in 1954, he is famous for writing children stories like "switch bitch" and he also wrote chocolate factory. Conan Doyle wrote the Speckled Band and it was first published in 1892, the name of the famous detective in all his stories is Sherlock Holmes. All I know about Sherlock Homes is that he loves solving people's case. He does it for free sometime because he is not too concerned about money and he doesn't like losing cases, He enjoys his work and he has a very intimate friend called Dr. Watson, Dr Watson really respects Holmes. In the lamb to the Slaughter the husband is a victim. You know that he his going to give his wife bad news because of the word he uses and the tension created, He comes in walking slowly. He drank his drink up in one go and usually they go out for dinner on a Thursday night. ...read more.


It is scary, feels cold and they was a whistling sound and a bell. In the Lamb To The Slaughter the detective did not see the woman as the suspect because she was pregnant and they thought she might be to weak to kill someone like her husband. The thing that the detective shouldn't have done was to eat the evidence, which Mrs. Maloney had cooked. When the woman offered them something to eat they took it and they didn't know that it was the murder weapon she used to kill husband. She cleverly and cunningly persuaded the police to eat the evidence. "Patrick would never forgive me, God bless his soul, if I allowed you to remain in this house without offering you decent hospitality, why don't you eat up that lamb that in the oven? It will be cooked just right by now" In the Speckled Band the detective went to victim's sisters to investigate what killed the victim's sister and catch the cuprit that killed the victim's sister. He took all the clues found seriously so as know who the cuprit is and to know how to catch them or him. ...read more.


This is another exciting part to the story also the language keeps you interested. The room was warm and clean the curtain drawn." The exciting part of The Speckled Band was when the step dad died because his murder weapon turned against him. This is quotation which made me carry on reading this book "he must recall the snake (murder weapon) before the morning light revealed it to the victims. The way I knew The Speckled Band is set in the Victorian times is because they had no light and the form of transport they used was dog carts and the English they used sound different from today's. The way you can tell The Lamb To The Slaughter is set in the 1950's is because next to the title it tells you when it was written. Interestingly in all the detective stories I've read the female character are the victim my explanation for this is that mostly the female characters are too weak to play the role of a murder. My Conclusion. I like both stories The Speckled Band and the Lamb To The Slaughter because they are both interesting. The reason why people will always's like reading murder mysteries is because it's interesting and sometimes they always leave you in suspense. ...read more.

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