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Language Analysis. Jamie Oliver is the only person talking in this transcript because he is cooking and explaining his actions for the TV show

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´╗┐Jamie Oliver is a chef who has made a number of television programmes for Channel 4; in most of these programmes he is cooking and instructing the audience, although he is sometimes part of documentaries about food, for example in schools. His style of speech is very different to many of his contemporaries: he uses his distinctive style to present himself as a down to earth, friendly TV chef. Oliver is the only person talking in this transcript because he is cooking and explaining his actions for the TV show. The fact that he is cooking while talking means that there are numerous pauses in the transcript, for example ?you wanna coat the bottom (3) of the pan?. The three second pause indicates that he is demonstrating this action on the programme; it is important in his role as a TV chef that he doesn?t just sit and talk through a recipe because viewers want to see the recipes being made and they also want to be entertained and kept interested by Oliver moving around in the kitchen. ...read more.


We are used to words from the cooking semantic field such as ?whisk?, ?bake?, ?stir? but Oliver?s language use again makes him seem very normal, approachable and relaxed. As well as specifically accented words such as the dropping of the ?h? in ?orrible?, Oliver?s elisions ?gonna?, ?wanna? and ?kinda? demonstrate his relaxed tone. As well as using these to build a successful TV persona, Oliver could be using this informal language because he is concentrating more on the actual cooking and explaining the key details of the recipe rather than the functional language he uses. It is important that Oliver does not appear too bossy to his audience: they need to feel like they can relate to him; it is therefore important that he moderates his use of imperatives. Throughout the transcript, he softens his instructions to viewers: ?about (.) ...read more.


if you cook eggs too hard and too fast ?which we don?t like?. His instruction is very clear when he says ?don?t rush it? but he then moderates this by explaining the reason for saying it, ?if??He goes on to use the first person plural pronoun ?we? to indicate that the audience is included in this decision about how eggs should taste, this is not just Jamie Oliver making a pronouncement that must be obeyed. In conclusion, Jamie Oliver uses many features of talk that are typical of TV chefs, such as numerous pauses and imperative instructions which are essential in his role, but he also has a very distinctive personal style of talk, characterised by his accent, use of slang and colloquial vocabulary. He uses his own idiolect to create a successful TV personality that viewers can relate to and follow as a cooking role model. ...read more.

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