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Language analysis of "Self Employed" by David Ignatow

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´╗┐English20/10/12 Self Employed By David Ignatow ________________ Loneliness and independence are both things that are revealed through this title. The word ?employed? suggests that the poem may be work related because the word means to give work to someone. ?Self? suggests that it is just him. If it is correct and it is just him it would shows that he is lonely. Together the words ?self-employed? show that he works for himself. To work for yourself you must not rely on others and that shows to be ?self-employed? he must be independent. The author tries to say that he felling unhappy. This is show by the first line where he begins by saying ?I Stand and listen?. This phrase suggests he was speechless. There are several ideas for why he may have been speechless maybe he was upset or perhaps he was just listening to someone talk and was unable to answer. ...read more.


He also uses the word ?lost? this suggests that it is something he previously owned, as you cannot lose what you never had. ?lost coin? shows that shows he is looking for something he used to have that was valuable to him and because this poem is related to work, maybe he lost a lot of money. The phrase ?searching for a lost coin? again shows he may be ashamed or sad. This is because to be looking for a ?lost coin? you must be looking down. And in most cases when you are slouched and have your head down you are feeling a negative emotion which in this case could be sad or ashamed. Personally, I believe he begins to explain what he is ashamed about by saying, ?You?re fired I yell inside?. The word ?fired? when put into a work context suggests that someone was sacked. The fact it says, ?I yell? suggests he was shouting at someone else meaning he sacked an employee. ...read more.


The author tries to describe what the guilt is making him want to do. He does this by saying ?I watch myself standing at the exit?about to leave?. This suggests that he is about to quit his own job. One reason he may want to quit is that he doesn?t want to sack any more people because he feels ashamed and guilty. Ignatow gives a reason as to why he may have stayed doing this job for so long, he does this by saying ?wave myself back in wearily, for who else could I get in my place?. This suggests he is staying because he believes no one else would do this job for the same reason he no longer wishes to do the job. This could be a false excuse. On the other hand, the reason he is still carrying on with this job is the money. Towards the end, his mood also changes. He changed his mood from wanting to leave his job to having second thoughts about his job and maybe considering to stay. ...read more.

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