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Language and Representation

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Language and Representation Discuss the connections between English Vocabulary and attitudes to one or more of the following Gender Race Disability Sexuality. Overtime attitudes to word meanings have dramatically changed over the years, with vocabulary being given new connotations and meanings. For example not many years ago it was a common expression to say when somebody was happy and full of life that they were a 'gay' person. This word has undergone a semantic change and we now associate this term with homosexuality. This term has gone through a pejoration, a down grading change in the meaning of a word. ...read more.


PC is making sure we as a community describe or refer to things without upsetting someone in the process. Modification to our modern vocabulary has taken place so that the potential of upset does not occur. Depending on the culture that people are brought up, they will use different terms to define racism and sexuality, eg if I lived in a multicultural city, a place where many people from different origins live, and shouted 'nigger' this would be severely frowned upon as it is not PC and is unkind, however if I said this in a care home, with predominately elderly white residents this may not be seen as much as a problem as in the culture they were brought up in, this would have been a more recognised term. ...read more.


Our modern society has accepted black people, but only a few decades ago this wasn't the case, there are places that are full of unrest and dispute between races but the majority big cities within the UK have mixed race communities where there is little or no trouble. Euphemisms are often used in relation to racism, a black person could be referred to as a western oriental gentlemen or a gay person referring to as bent could be referred to as someone leaning the other way. After studying the way vocabulary is used I now understand that our English vocabulary has had to change over time to make sure that nobody is excluded and we are all politically correct. A ?? ?? ?? ?? Elanor Kerr ...read more.

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