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language media

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Language media coursework This report is about how Robbie Williams persuades the public to sponsor UNICEF's campaign. In this report there's a lot of use of language and dialogue, characters and clothing, setting and iconography etc. Language and dialogue Robbie Williams uses facts and statistics to emphasise the fact that millions of children get exploited and exported around the world. It persuades the audience to "join UNICEF's campaign" by announcing the sheer scale. Robbie Williams uses a metaphor based on the fruit and children. During his narration and voice over he replaces the word children with fruit. He also mentions them being sold and exported (like fruit) to England and other countries in the U.K and Europe. Robbie Williams also specifies the fact that they come to the U.K and makes us think that its our problem too. Characters and representation We can see our main character (the girl who gets taken away) as she takes her journey to England and abandons her native African town and clothing for a modern European clothing, not only that, she used a fake passport. ...read more.


It persuades the viewer by making them feel more emotions. The iconography in Africa is lighter with bright orange sand and other aluminous colours and it is a more uplifting atmosphere. They do this to emphasise the point that their already happy in Africa and they don't want anything changed. It persuades the viewer to do something by comparing it to night life in England. Camera shots and angles The camera shots used in Africa and the U.K are different worlds. The duration of the film shows the contrast of the two countries. In Africa they're all happy and the screen is lightened up, in contrast England is a dark and dingy place. This emphasises the point that they're moving to a much worse place and state of mind. It persuades the viewer by making them see the huge contrast between the U.K and Africa. They use a long shot of the man on the bike and the big truck to show a contrast and to make the truck look a lot more sinister as they come along the dust road. ...read more.


They do this so all the audiences attention is drawn to Robbie instead of other distractions. It helps persuade the audience more because there's nothing to distract them. It could be used more effectively by having the screen closer to Robbie's face. When they show the clip in Africa they use slow sorrow music so it sounds more upsetting and makes the viewers emotions more deep. It could be used more effectively if they had native African music softly played in Africa and changed to the depressing slow music when it got to England. At the end during the credits they use children singing in Africa. They use this to show the audience that they are happy in Africa. It persuades the audience by showing the happiness and expressing it in singing. It could be used more effectively if it was played earlier on in the film. In my opinion it plays with the viewer's emotion and makes the audience feel sorry for the African children. Also I think it is put together in a very effective way. It could be more effective if it was shorter and more shocking. ...read more.

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