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Last day of school!

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Last day of school! It finally arrived! The last day of school! I've been waiting for a whole year and now it has finally come. I feel so...... tired. Yes it might sound foolish but I am exhausted. Of course I feel great because school is over but I have been through a lot this year. I could never imagine that it would be this much harder this year. But thank God it is all over now and I can enjoy my summer. It was a wonderful Friday morning when I came to school for the last day in third year. To tell you the truth I was excited because I was now finishing junior high and I was going to high school. ...read more.


I had German and I have to say I am going to miss doing German for three months. It's a fascinating language. Our German teacher told us her last farewell and then we were off the class. We didn't do any lessons that day considering it was the last day of school. All of our teachers told us their last goodbye and gave us their blessings and true wishes for great summer vacation. I have to admit it was very touching. Everybody was excited during the first recess. We were all stressed because we could not wait for even a couple more hours for school to be over. We laughed and talked about our summer plans. ...read more.


That was a horrible feeling. I was so unhappy but I thought it doesn't matter that much because all my other friends will try and fill in the gap. So we gave our last kisses goodbye to each other. We had our last English lesson during the last period. The teacher, who just happens to be our sponsor as well, gave us her blessings too and he sincere wishes for a great summer. And then we were off. We went out and had fun with our friends. It was just perfect. And for now I feel brilliant because now I can finally relax and have fun with my friends and family. Now I can sleep and wake up any time I want and I do not have to worry about homework or tests. I feel relieved and free of anxiety about school. Goodbye school hello fun! ...read more.

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