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Late Night Snack.

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Late Night Snack I slowly drew the fridge door open and squinted as the light from its door pierced the darkness. It was late and I was desperately searching for a late night snack to sustain me until the morning. The house was abnormally quiet that night. I could usually hear the gentle whir of the freezer, But not that night. I heard a tap on the glass window, followed by another. Rain began to dance on the gravel outside, and the trees seemed to whisper as a breeze blew through their branches. I remember smiling to myself; I have always loved a summer rainstorm. Food in hand, still half blind in the darkness, I fumbled through the house, making my way back to my bedroom. As I settled into bed and pulled my warm covers over me, I felt crumbs from my sandwich fall to the sheets. I just grinned to myself; I was both too hungry and too tired to care. Suddenly, the darkness of my bedroom was interrupted by a flash of lightning, illuminating my room through my window. ...read more.


In a split second, just before I reached the doorway, I heard the shattering sound of broken glass. Nearly frozen with fear, I slowly turned towards the window, and gasped as I realized the creature was in the room with me. I groped at the door handle; the awful round shape prevented me from escape. The door was no longer there, replaced by smooth, cold rock. I touched the wall and quickly recoiled. A slimy substance was now oozing down the walls, with an odour that made me feel physically ill. I could hear the creature breathing and knew it was watching me, stalking me, waiting to strike. I couldn't bring myself to turn round. I felt nauseous and began frantically groping along the wall, desperately seeking a doorway for escape. I realized there was no hope. I finally turned to face the evil in the hopes of defending myself. My fists raised and shaking, foolishly. I awaited the creature's next move. I felt my legs shake as a loud scream pierced my ears. I felt a burning pain in my shoulders as the creature sprang towards me, sinking its claws deep into me. ...read more.


I silently prayed, "Please let it be over quickly." In a last, feeble attempt to escape, I managed only to fall to the floor. A final scream, then the creature lunged at me and I turned to face my certain doom. And with that final scream of agony, I woke up and sat staring at my computer screen, sweat pouring down my body like a thick and bloody rain. I stupidly felt at my eyes to find them returned and ran a finger over my neck and shoulder searching for puncture wounds. The storm had subsided and the branches of the trees had ceased their restless swaying. Shaken, I rose to my feet and headed for the doorway. I passed the window but dropped to my knees as a sharp pain shot through my foot. I quickly grabbed my leg, reaching for the pain, and discovered a small shard of glass embedded there. As I removed the glass, I heard the door groan in resistance and leaped back at the sound of something pounding angrily on the window's reformed glass. Turning fearfully towards the window, I found myself eye to eye with a creature so hideous, it defied description. With an evil grin, it turned and vanished into the darkness. Matthew Passman ...read more.

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