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Lawyer Scale

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Lawyer Scale On a scale from 1 - 10 I would rate Atticus on 8 of 10. That is so, because besides the entire smart, into detail going and thought through actions, the existence of slight mistakes still appears at the horizon. Atticus was prepared for the whole court scene and organized his way through it all, with quick thoughts with which he tried to persuade Judge Tailor and the jury and probably did so as well. Through his natural way of organized existence, he could set a lot more convincing into play. Atticus also, as known, has a convenient and rather high reputation in the town of Maycomb, which raises his past record status as a lawyer, brought to court. ...read more.


In such convenient moments, presumptions were used to verify to the jury that Tom Robinson was not guilty. Atticus has the ability of convincing people, of thinking as quick as possible to be confident in what to say intelligently and of attentively presenting his mind and patience to the judge and jury. Gilmer, the opposing lawyer, I would consider only on 6 of 10. He might have won the court case and completed his job, but certainly only through the racism present at that time. I would rate Gilmer as not Persuasive, not confident, and not very quick thinking either. ...read more.


It appears that way through several nervous moments when Atticus went as deep as possible to find a way to reveal the truth to more the people, then actually the jury since I think at that moment he new already the he might not win the case. Gilmer's past records are quite equal to Atticus's through what I could find out about him in the novel itself. Individually, and probably everyone reading this novel agrees, that the effort and intelligence invested by Atticus was more convincing and of course more truthful than Gilmer's. The only little small-minded thing known as racism, which was strongly found around the world at that part of the history, helped Gilmer beat Atticus in a hard struggle of saving a peaceful mockingbird. ...read more.

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