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leaflet to persuade parents to help their children to be more healthy

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Dear Parents Remember when you were a child? When you used to go out drinking all night and waking up with a gruelling hangover, then lying to your parents pretending you were poorly, when you thought being good was bad and hated your parents- thinking that you could do what you want. Remember...? Did you ever assume of the damage you were causing to your health? Well, surprisingly, nowadays children have not changed. 55% of the population in Britain are unhealthy and 2 thousand suffer from obesity and heart problems each year. For example: a bar of soft smooth chocolate for breakfast, pot noodles or 'packets' of crisps for lunch and greasy, fatty fish and chips for diner! ...read more.


They are also appealed to inhaling the unappetizing "fags" (also known as cigarettes) and drinking the hyper causing alcohol. Have you noticed them gathered in a small group with choking smoke flowing up as if it's from a chimney; breathing in and out of the addicting sticks? It's revolting! They all dreadfully stink like a bunch of ashtrays. Shockingly, alcohol is just as faltering as junk food and cigarettes. If you were an alcoholic or still are, you would understand how terrorising it is to live with the fear of being unhealthy and having to wake up to the putrid, decomposing feel or taste of your own liver. ...read more.


Some ways of improving their physical condition could be by taking them to the gym at times, preparing or encouraging a healthier diet as a substitute of giving out money and making sure both you and them are aware of their health. No-one else makes children feel loved and under control but you! So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to meet your child's/children's needs. Please! Please! Please! Don't disappointingly turn your backs on them. You are holding their future. If you're still unsure HOW to help your child/children, don't hesitate to call or email so we can discuss ways in which it is possible to work together with your son/daughter and improve their health. It is wise to take action now and never have regrets. Who says you can't make a change? Yours sincerely Melissa. M ...read more.

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