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Leave saving the world to the men, I don't think so!

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"Leave saving the world to the men? I don't think so."Mrs incredible Time after time Hollywood's blockbuster hero movies make men the centre of attention. We marvel at their handsome looks, their impeccable strength and their ingenious fighting skills. But have you ever stopped to consider the role of women in these classic "save the world" stories? Have women been left out? Perhaps women aren't considered as worthy as men or they don't have the necessary qualities to play the hero. Hollywood has tried to combat this by developing storylines incorporating male and female heroes. But they still manage to downsize the female's role by falling back into the classic storylines. Classic films such as A Knight's Tale or James Bond- Die Another Day feature female characters such as Lady Jocelyn or Jinx as only the "damsel in distress", the nurturing mother or the evil "must be destroyed" siren. This creates a shocking representation that because women are not as highly regarded as men they can never be the hero. ...read more.


Each of the children fighting with a talent of their own; Susan's bow and arrows, Edmund's intuitiveness, Lucy's compassionate heart and Peter's swordsmanship. The Incredibles tell the story of a dysfunctional family who have realised what it means to be a hero and together beat their arch enemy. The Fantastic 4 give audience a fresh look at female heroes with Sue Storm featured as the invisible woman who together with Mr Fantastic, The Human Torch and The Thing fight off Victor Von Doom. So Hollywood has solved the problem of gender inequality in hero films! Yay! But wait a minute; let's just have another look at these stories. Although these three films have presented both male and female heroes, they have subtly pushed the females back into the previously offered roles. Again the female characters are represented as a nurturer or something to attract the eyes. It is seen in the first instalment of the Fantastic Four; Sue's character is seen to be more of Reed's love than a hero. ...read more.


Due to this, the audience watches as Susan becomes the "nurturing mother" figure of the family as she is even eventually named Susan the Gentle. Narnia has even gone so far as to cast the evil character to a female. In The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, viewers watch as the evil White Witch is trying to continue her reign of Narnia. In all of these films, viewers are constantly seeing female heroes never receiving the full attention that they deserve. They may throw a punch here and there, or even shoot an arrow but they are never central to the story. Hollywood continues to down grade women by offering the same parts in hero movies as they have since hero movies first begun. Hollywood has attempted to make films that celebrate both male and female heroes but have just fallen into the trap of a classic storyline. They have tried to present a new conception to audiences but only succeed in reinforcing the fact that males are the true hero and females can never anything more than a damsel in distress, the nurturing mother or the face of evil. ...read more.

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