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Leaving Home She climbed on the hard mattress and pulled the fluffy, violet diary from under the feathered pillow

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Leaving Home She climbed on the hard mattress and pulled the fluffy, violet diary from under the feathered pillow. She opened the hard-back book and ferociously flicked through the pages, trying to find a blank one, she opened her bedside draw and rummaged through the useless items, she picked up a pen and began to write. " How could they do this to me? Why now? Why couldn't they have told me earlier so I had time to acknowledge it, I mean I am sixteen I will be going away to college soon, why didn't they tell me when I was like ten so I had time to think about it? Do they still love me after what I did? Do I still love them after what they told me?" Marie scribbled her thoughts onto the lilac page. As she recorded the night's events she realised something and stopped writing. "I have to leave?" She told herself as she slammed the diary and launched the pen across her room. Marie then started to pace impatiently around her darkened room and started to talk rapidly to herself. " I can't be in the same house as them, but I don't want to leave Jane, she is my sister I can't just leave her, but she is just too young too come with me, she isn't really my sister, not by blood anyway." ...read more.


She turned over, picked up the alarm clock and flung it violently across the room. It hit the wall and smashed into pieces. Marie climbed slowly off her bed and went into her bathroom. She walked up to the glossy white sink and turned on the cold water. She splashed her face with the refreshing water. She then looked at herself in the mirror and asked herself " what am I going to do?" She took a deep breath. There was someone knocking on her door. She raced across her room and locked it to prevent whoever it was from entering without her permission. "Who is it?" She asked impatiently. "Marie its us," her best friend Cathy replied. Marie slowly unlocked her door. On the other side stood Cathy, in her brownie yellow waitress uniform, her long blond hair was tied back in a perfect French plat. Jason was dressed in his dark blue jeans, a plain black top and black and white converse his short brown hair was spiked up. And there was Ann, in her rainbow spotted dress, multicoloured converse and her longish mousy brown hair was tied back in a ponytail held in place with a dark brown hair glove with silver studs. ...read more.


"Will you be back soon?" Jane asked. Marie looked at her sister. "I don't know sweetie," Marie watched as her sister went up the stairs and into her room. She then unlatched the front door and opened it slowly so that it didn't creak. She stepped outside and the dark night welcomed her. As she closed the door a yellow cab pulled up next to her house. "Taxi for Marie Halliwell." The cab driver said. Marie turned around to face the cab. "Yea just a second." Marie replied. She locked the door and put the key in the letterbox at the end of the garden. She opened the door of the cab and climbed in. "Prescott street, Arizona please." She told the driver. Tears ran down her face as she looked out of the window and saw her hometown for the last time. As she drove off she remembered all the good time she had whilst growing up there. She thought about the first time she met her wonderful friends, the first day in high school and all those memories seemed like nothing when she remembered what her so called mother told her on her Grandmothers funeral. She considered telling the driver to turn round, that she had made a mistake but she knew what she had to do, it wasn't like she would never go back. ...read more.

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