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Legalization of abortion

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Legalization of abortion Shall termination of pregnancy be legal? Through the incredible progress in technology and making the machinery such good and cheap, women can terminate their pregnancy without feeling any pain and whether this effect is good or bad, there is a lot of controversial issues about abortion being legal or not. One argument is that, abortion should be made legal within the first trimester of the pregnancy. If abortions were made illegal, then unprotected abortions would become more popular, hereby sets the woman's life at risk. On the other hand, abortions should not be used as a form of birth control. Also, many couples are willing to adopt, who has been waiting for years to have a child. 88 % of all abortions that are performed in the world are carried out legally are performed within the first trimester of a woman's pregnancy. ...read more.


(West) This is obviously an alarmingly high number; to prevent this from happening, a law should allow safe abortions. If abortion is made legal, nevertheless, a control should be made on who has the right to get an abortion. Such as, teenage girls, families with a low income or a crime related issues, should be considered. However, there are many different forms of birth control, since before. When a woman is involved in a sexual assault, she should be able to decide the fortune of the embryo. She, not knowing the father changes the circumstances hugely. Even from a religious point of view, this case should be a legal form of abortion. If, however, another form of birth control manages to fail during a recreational activity, abortions should not be a seen as a back up, apart from age or financial status. ...read more.


Adoption would relieve the conscience of both the mother and father. By concluding the results from the arguments above I would say that abortion should be a legal option; however severe restrictions should be placed on the law. If the family involved has a low income and if the mother and father are below the age of 18, abortions should be an option. Furthermore, a female that was a victim in a sexual assault should be granted the right to have an abortion. The age restriction should help to lower the number of unsafe abortions. Also, any abortion should be preformed within the first trimester. This should give both the mother and the father plenty of time to make a decision. Abortions after this period should be forbidden regardless of any reason. Also women considering having an abortion should be introduced to the idea of adoption; this could solve the problem of immoral abortions and give couples a chance of becoming a family. ...read more.

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