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Legalizing Marijuana. Not only would the legalization of marijuana make many people of our country happy, but it would also stimulate so many aspects in our economy.

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Why not? Marijuana was once an illegal substance in all 50 states in the U.S. Slowly but surely states one by one are legalizing it with consent of doctors. California and Colorado are the two states that have made this dream for pot smokers come true. Some states have considered it before while other states hate the thought of legalizing this substance. Alcohol is a legal substance in our country yet people die every day from it rather it be liver problems or become a victim to someone under the influence. Every idea or strung out plan has its pros and cons, but surprisingly there are many more pros than cons for legalizing marijuana. ...read more.


Prisons spend 68 billion per year on correction facilities when one third of those incarcerated are doing time for non-violent drug crimes. Forty-seven percent of the drug arrests in the U.S are marijuana related as well. If marijuana was legal we would cut spending on prison systems and cut our crime rate down tremendously. Dr. Robert L. DuPont writes in his article, "Substance Abuse and Mental Health services Administration" that marijuana should not be legalized under any stand point. He states that many late night driving accidents have occurred while drivers where impaired by the use of marijuana. Alcohol costs total around $185 billion while federal and states collected an estimated $14.5 billion in tax revenue. ...read more.


While the number of marijuana users isn't as high as the current numbers for alcohol and tobacco, if marijuana was legalized, the increase in users would be both large and quick. Dr. Robert L. DuPont does not help himself out in his argument. Alcohol is highly more dangerous than smoking marijuana. There is a significant more amount of drinking while driving fatalities then smoking while driving fatalities. If it was legalized by our government or state there would be a large amount of money saved in many different places. For example, our prison system wouldn't have to waste money on incarcerating inmates for marijuana charges. Also, a good amount of money would be profited by the taxation of this "drug" marijuana. It's a simple mind altering effect and should be legalized in America. ...read more.

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