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Lennie Goes To Dinner

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LENNIE GOES TO DINNER 'Wooo-hoo' cheered George, as he was running back to the ranch. Lennie stood outside just staring at the chickens in a meditative way. 'Lennie! Lennie!' shouted George, 'I just got a bonus from the boss for overtime'. Lennie just stood there, looking right past George, ignoring him. Lennie?....'said George, getting a bit impatient 'wake up you stupid bastard!!' shouted George, 'Huh!?!' Lennie replied. 'I got a bonus today!' said George cheerfully. Lennie looked at George, waiting for George to explain why he was happy. 'Well, I was thinking since I couldn't get you anything last month for your birthday' said George, 'can...I...have a...rabbit' said Lennie cutting off George. 'No, you bloody well can't!' shouted George. Lennie looked at George with tears in his eyes. 'NO...no, we're gonna have something far better than rabbits' said George. 'Wh-what's that George?' said Lennie in disbelieve. 'We're gonna have the best god-damn meal this side of the west coast!' shouted George, 'b-but...we already ate this morning G-George'. 'Yeah and you ate my serving of porridge too!' said George annoyed. 'but we can eat in style at ol'joes bar', "ol'joes?" said Lennie. 'Yeah, 'ol'joes' they have the best god damn steak I've ever tasted, if I'd ever' said George cheerfully. " And I want beans with KETCHUP!!' shouted Lennie in reply. George and Lennie strolled happily into the bunkhouse. ...read more.


When they sat Lennie started fiddling with the napkins, while George was looking through the menu. Then there was a clinking noise. George looked up, Lennie was playing with the cutlery, George just shrugged with a sharp smile on his face and went back to looking at the menu. Then Lennie noticed the view outside of the window. " George, George!" cried Lennie excitedly. "What?" replied George anxiously. "Look outside George!Quick!" George looked outside the window. There were building's with bright lights and behind all the buildings, way into the distance, the ranch could be seen but Lennie hadn't noticed the ranch yet. Lennie was looking at the lights real fascinated. "Hey Lennie there's the ranch," said George. "W-Where?" asked Lennie, George replied "look south and you'll see it near the road". Lennie looked through the window baffled and kept scanning the landscape, until he found it. "There it is, there it is...but it's so small what happened to it" Lennie told George, "Its just real far away that's all" "b-but George" "Here is your meal gentlemen" said the waiter cutting Lennie off. "Eat up, Lennie" said George. Lennie didn't pay attention to what George said. He just started eating without hesitation. George just laughed at Lennie. Lennie finished his first, George had three white potatoes left and started eating the third. ...read more.


"er...m-maybe white, Yeah! White George." "So you like white rabbits huh?" "Ah sure do, George." As Lennie agreed, George noticed a rabbit outside of the window. George stared at the rabbit; it reminded him of Lennie. Then with a blink of an eye the rabbit was gone. George saw Lennie in front of him as happy as a child and started to wonder how long Lennie would be this happy. Then he thought about the way he acted towards Lennie and couldn't believe Lennie still wanted to hang with him. He decided he was going to change the way he acted around Lennie. Lennie finished his dessert and sat smiling. He had a little dab of custard on his left cheek but Lennie never noticed, he was to busy dreaming. George stood up after leaving the money on the table for the bill. "Lennie, let's go home. You must be tired," said George. "I'm sleepy, George ...but I'm still hungry." George chuckled in disbelief, "come on, Lennie" "ok, George". As they got outside and started walking back to the ranch, George said "Lennie, you're my best bud" "I know" "But Lennie, this is the first time I told ya. How ya know?" "well, only...a, a true friend would let their bud tend rabbits." George just chuckled with great happiness and as Lennie started to talk about the wonderful different rabbits, George thought to himself "I'll never ever, let no harm come to Lennie ever!!" Jimal Sagaiar 11GZ ...read more.

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