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Lennie is just a big child. how far do you agree?

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'Lennie is just a big child' Discuss. Lennie has a man's body, but a child's outlook. He gains pleasure from "pettin' " soft things like mice, puppies and rabbits. He is intellectually, emotionally and socially dependent on George, who organises his life and reassures him about their future. George acts as a guardian towards Lennie, although they are just good friends. Lennie shares some characteristics with that of children. For example, Lennie can be easily controlled by firm but calm instructions, as Slim finds out, but panic in others makes Lennie panic too. This happened when he tried to "pet" a girl's dress, in Weed, and happens more in the narrative, first, when he is attacked by Curley, and second, when Lennie strokes the hair of Curley's wife. ...read more.


Even when Lennie is described as an animal, it does nothing to take away his humanity. Lennie wouldn't do anyone harm on purpose. He dreams, just like George of a place which they can call their own. He trusts George blindly and tries to do everything George tells him to do, just alike child trying to impress their parents (although he doesn't always succeed). Lennie loves little soft things like mice and rabbits. He always wants to tend them, but when he does he squeezes them to death, because he doesn't know his own strength. Lennie is a child in a grown up's body. Yet, Lennie demonstrates a cunning side to himself, which is not usually present in a child's mind. At the start of the novella, he realises that George feels guilty about losing his temper after he has taken away Lennie's mouse. ...read more.


The ranch itself is a harsh place and the ranch-handlers are all very lonely searching for some form of relationship, against this, the relationship between George and Lennie is special as they at least have each other to look out for, although George usually acts as Lennie's parent. I believe that Lennie does have a mind of a child but that it does not mean that he is completely stupid, like children, he knows how he affects George, like how a child can affect their mother. With his desire to pet things and his not knowing his real strength, characteristics that most young children have, he has gotten into trouble with his childish mind in Weed and at the ranch, his tragedy is that he never learnt how to control his body, eventually causing his heartbreaking death. ?? ?? ?? ?? Arfah Chaudry 11T English Miss Williams ...read more.

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