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Let Him Have It Essay

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"Let Him Have It" - How the director shows sympathy in the opening scenes. "Let him have it" is the story of Derek Bentley. Derek suffered epileptic fits as a result of being injured during a World War II bombing raid. He had low intelligence and attended an Approved School. He was from a working class, close knit family with good morals. The film was set in post war Britain. The case of Derek Bentley attracted a lot of public interest and support as the decision to hang him for the shooting of a police officer was a controversial one. The film, which highlights this case was produced in 1991 and focuses on the event from Derek and his family's perspective. Consequently, it is not surprising that Peter Medaks direction is influential in making the audience see Derek as the victim rather than the offender. Whilst the titles are being played, tense, mournful music is playing in the background. ...read more.


The scene then switches to show another night time shot, with Derek seven years older. He accompanies two friends who are breaking into and causing destruction in a hut. However, in the establishing shot he appears oblivious to the wrongness of this action. When the occupant of the hut interrupts the boys they all escape apart from Derek. This shows how he is not as quick or alert as his friends and makes us feel sorry for him. The occupant shines a bright torch in his eyes and Derek begins to have an epileptic fit. He takes a step back and slides down against a wall. A close up shot shows his eyes rolling back. This makes us feel extremely sorry for him: he is obviously an ill boy with low intelligence. Mournful music is played and this compounds the effect. Derek Bentley then went to an Approved School as a consequence of being caught that night. ...read more.


At this point, Derek seems to be regaining his independence, much to the joy of his family. He takes the dogs out for a walk. Whilst walking near the railway line, Christopher Craig appears and startles Derek. He pins him against a small hut and using a high angle shot, the director encourages the perception that Derek is helpless and we want to be there to defend and help him. Although this encounter doesn't last long, (Christopher Craig, soon disappears), it has clearly knocked Derek's already low self confidence. In conclusion the director successfully makes his audience feel sympathetic to Derek. He is portrayed as lacking self esteem and living in fear of causing trouble or upset. The audience feel pity for this seemingly ill young man. After the opening scenes, the audience will want to keep watching to see how Derek gets along in his life. The director, Peter Medak uses a variety of props, camera angles and music to help us feel sympathetic towards Derek Bentley. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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