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Letter Behalf Stuggles In Iraq

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Dear Gordon Brown, My name is Andrew and I'm writing this letter to ask you to allow our troops to come home from Iraq. The war in Iraq is absolutely absurd. Innocent people are dying every day because of an ignorant mistake our former Prime minister Tony Blair made. We cannot go back in time and make a different decision because what's done is done. ...read more.


Over 176 British soldiers have died in the Iraq war, all of those wasted lives. There were no weapons of mass destruction it was all a gigantic hoax, with a sinister goal. Instead of occupying Iraq, you can be the real hero and put an end to it before it is too late. Withdraw our troops from Iraq and let the Iraqis restore their own freedom and peace. ...read more.


Injecting money into cancer research, aids etc. Think about putting some money back into Iraq to rebuild its infrastructure. We are paying surplus amounts of money for weapons and everything to do with the war. We now know there were no weapons of mass destruction, so why keep them there now. Send our troops back. I urge you to re consider, accept that mistakes have been made and now take appropriate and immediate action. Yours Faithfully Andrew ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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